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The Forum Rules (Last updated: August 2, 2013)

3DSForum's Rules and Regulations

-- General --
  • All posts must be written in English, and must be constructive.
  • Harassment is strictly forbidden. This includes potentially inflammatory and/or controversial content.
  • Flaming and Trolling will not be tolerated. This includes purposely antagonizing other users and posting messages with the intent of provoking an angry response.
  • Off-topic posting and thread derailing will not be tolerated.
  • Do not bypass the swear filter. Images with swears should not be posted. If swearing is included in an image then the image cannot be wrapped in [img] tags or the image must be wrapped in [spoiler] tags. Users should also be warned that the image contains swearing. Videos with swearing may be posted with warning about language. If the video doesn't meet with YouTube's Community Guidelines then don't bother posting the video at all.
  • Discussion of hacking, homebrew, emulation, and piracy are not allowed on these boards.
  • Spam and advertising is forbidden. You may have a link to your website in your signature.
  • Buying, selling, and/or trading is not allowed. This includes promotional items such as Club Nintendo codes.
  • Failure to comply with the staff can be punishable. You are allowed to argue your case if you believe an infraction or rule is unjust, but if we reject, discontinue the activity in the future. Refusing to do so can lead to an infraction or a ban, depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Discussion of Religion is not allowed at all.
  • Back-seat modding is forbidden. Report posts, don't try to act like someone you're not. Leave that to the assigned moderators.
  • Your posts should not contain inappropriate or illegal content, which includes but is not limited to the following: racism, offensive material, stereotyping, threats, drug use, excessive gore and/or violence.

-- Account Usage --
  • Do not create alternate accounts. Doing so will lead to an infraction or ban extension.
  • Do not use YouTube ("yt") tags in your signature. If your signature has an embedded YouTube video present then you will receive an infraction. Embedded videos slow down pages.

-- Thread Creation --
  • Duplicate threads will be locked. Use the search feature or search for threads using Google. (Type <search query>)
  • Choose descriptive titles for threads so people know what to expect. Never make a fake thread or a thread with a misleading title.
  • Post threads in the appropriate sections. Friendcode sharing belongs in Matchmaking.
  • The forums are not for blogging. This means that you shouldn't create threads like "Today I went to the store and bought some chocolate." or "I bought a new watch" Always make sure your threads can actually spark up a discussion.
  • Discussion of pornography is prohibited. This extends to comments that encourage and can lead to discussion of pornography.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. If you are posting an article please give credit and/or the article link.

-- PSV vs 3DS Discussion --
  • Do not make threads whose sole purpose is simply to compare the two systems (which includes features, software, etc.). Such discussion belongs in the Offcial PSV vs 3DS Thread.
  • Certain topics may naturally lend to comparisons of both handhelds- these are acceptable as long as they remain relevant to the original topic of the thread.
  • Unsupported claims or arguments are considered troll posts. If you make statements such as "The 3DS is garbage" or "PSV sux!11!", you will receive a severe infraction.

-- The Chatbox --
  • All of the rules of the forum apply to the chatbox and vice-versa. No trolling, spam, flaming, and inappropriate or discriminatory comments.
  • Using disruptive texts, such as Zalgo text, spoiler tags and other such things will result in a ban from the chat. Don't do it, man.
  • Respect the moderators. If a mod says that the conversation is getting out of hand, then you are to change the subject immediately- no questions asked.
  • Breaking the rules will result to a temporary chat ban. Continue to break the rules, you will be permanently chat-banned. If the offense is severe enough, you may receive a profile infraction.
  • If the current topic in chatbox isn't to your liking, then you're free to express your displeasure. However, if you make it a habit of yours to insult a certain subject/topic when ever it is brought up then you may be chatbanned as it is annoying as well as disrespectful to the members trying to have a conversation.

Banning Policy:
Infraction Points | Ban Length
3 | 3 Days
4 | 1 Week
5 | Permanent

Please note that all of these rules apply to other forum features as well, such as the chatbox, avatars, profiles, PMs, and signatures.

The report button is found at the top right corner of posts.

If you are unsure about one or more rules, contact us!
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If you wish to talk to the mods, go about it respectfully. If your message is rude it will be ignored and/or infracted.
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