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Rate the 3DS games you own
Old 07-28-2011, 09:28 AM
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Default Rate the 3DS games you own

Well, I'm new, so I felt like doing it! rate the game and write a line or two about it.

Dead Or Alive: 7/10
Fast and fluid, it's great as a button mashing fight game, with reasonably effective 3D

Ocarina Of Time: 8/10 (No moans please)
As someone who is NOT a great fan of adventure games, I was pleasantly surprised by how good this old game is. Lots to do, and superb 3D effect.

PES 2011: 8/10
Yes, I know there's no online, but apart from that it's a really good footie game, with skill levels catering for all abilities and good, deep 3D. Well worth getting as it's cheaper now, whilst you wait for one with online play.

Ridge Racer: 7/10
It's Ridge Racer, which says it all. Pure arcade racing, nice 3D and a large career mode make it worth a purchase.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries: 7/10
Okay, so it's not big and it's not even very clever, but it IS fun. One for high score freaks, with the online mode adding a little extra. 3D is pretty poor though.

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Pilotwings Resort 6.5/10 It's fun while it lasts.

Samurai Warriors 9/10 Excellent gameplay with Amazing Music and a great plot and very fun.

Rayman 3D 7.5/10 It's fun but it has a very bad frame rate and 3D issues.

Ocarina of Time 10/10 Brilliant.
Old 07-28-2011, 09:36 AM
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Ridge Racer 3D, 7/10.
Fun game, good 3D effect, though it is a racing game, it gets repetitive. Worth the buy though.

Ocarina of Time 3D, 9001/10.
AMAZING GAME. AMAZING. This is easily my favorite game that exists. Amazing 3D effect, amazing EVERYTHING! No matter how much the cost, BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!
Old 07-28-2011, 09:48 AM
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In order I first played them.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - 1st Play: 8/10, Replay: 4/10
Ridge Racer 3D - 1st Play: 6/10, Replay: 5/10
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition - 1st Play: 9/10, Replay: 6/10
Samurai Warriors Chronicles - 1st Play: 6/10, Replay: 10/10 (Mostly because it gets easier as you play. DLC makes it more so)
Dead or Alive: Dimensions - 1st Play: 7/10, Replay: 7/10
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - 1st Play: 9/10, Replay: 10/10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 1st Play: 10/10, Replay: 10/10 (F U MQ)
Sudoku: The Puzzle Game Collection - 1st Play: 7/10, Replay 10/10
Old 07-28-2011, 09:49 AM
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Pilotwings: 8/10
Great game, very fun and adicting, plus it's difficult if you want to get all prefect scores like me.

Ocarina of Time 3D 10/10
It's Ocarina of Time, the reason I gave it this is pretty self-explantory.

RE: Mercs 8/10
Fun, addicting, and great for score freaks, plus the online is decent once you figure out the trick to get on.

SSF4 6/10
My second least favorite 3DS game so far, pretty boring and not much to it.

Asphalt 8/10
I don't know why everybody hates this game, I found it was a entertaining arcade racer with decent 3D.

Rayman 3D 4/10
The worst 3DS game so far, boring, 3D is bad and the gameplay is sub-par.
Old 07-28-2011, 10:10 AM
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Nintendogs + Cats: 4/10
It was fun to start with and is a cute looking game, but it started getting repetitive in a boring way. I grew bored of it and I only played it for like, the first two weeks of having the 3DS and I haven't picked it up since

Pilotwings Resort: 6/10
Average game, nothing special, but not too bad. It was short and didn't keep me entertained for very long. I wouldn't bother replaying it.

Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
I've never played it before and I really enjoyed this. The graphics, aesthetics and 3D effects are so sexy! I've finished both quests and I'm still not bored of it. xD
Old 07-28-2011, 11:21 AM
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Ocarina of Time: 10/10.
Old 07-28-2011, 12:08 PM
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Ocarina of Time: 8/10. This game still holds up very well, and the graphics are wonderful. But occasionally I found myself getting tired of the puzzles, as I kept missing little things and have to check a walkthrough. I forgot that games back then were hard!

Super Street Fighter 4: 7/10. I'm a big combat sport fan, so I enjoy the over-stylised martial arts. However, online I get an ass-whooping. The learning curve here is steep, so unless your willing to put in the hours, really it's just a game that's pretty to look at.

Next up I will buy Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars because I like turn-based strategy games. But I'm really looking forward to Star Fox 3D, or Lylat Wars as I remember it.
Old 07-28-2011, 12:19 PM
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I must say SSFIV 10/10
Old 07-28-2011, 01:21 PM
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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 9/10
Fantastic game that still holds up today. Love the 3D, gives the game a real depth to it.

Super Street Fighter IV - 8/10
Great control scheme that is easy to use, and the 3D works very well.

Rayman 3D - 7/10
Never played Rayman 2, so I thought I would pick this up. I like the game, but as a poster above said, the framerate is pretty bad. The 3D is okay, and overall I think it's a good purchase for those that haven't played the original.
Old 07-28-2011, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by doopliss3DS View Post
Nintendogs + Cats: 10/10
It was fun to start with and is a cute looking game, but it started getting repetitive some what. I grew fond of it and only played it intensively for like, the first three weeks of having the 3DS and play it once a week now.

Pilotwings Resort: 8.5/10
Average game, nothing special, but not too bad. It was short and didn't keep me entertained for very long. I wouldn't bother replaying it.

Ocarina of Time 3D: OVER 9000!!!/10
I've never played it before and I really enjoyed this. The graphics, aesthetics and 3D effects are so sexy! I've finished both quests and I'm still not bored of it. xD
Fix'd your errors, but I got more games than this cause I'm pro.
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Steel Diver - 4/10, too slow for me

Lego Star Wars 3D - 7/10, fun but short
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Tom Glancy Splinter Cell: 0/10; Horrible, boring, and incredibly tedious to play. Why did I buy this instead of Ghost Reckon? For the matter, why do I keep on buying new Splinter Cell games when I've hated every single one of them?

Excite Bike: 6/10; Years and other racing games have driven past this classic, but it is still a pretty fun game.
Old 07-29-2011, 06:49 AM
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Street Fighter: 8/10 It's fun and all, but even with online it's not the same as playing with the friend.
Ocarina Of Time 3D: 9/10 It's great to play an amazing game with a current look, but again it's been made before.
RE Mercenaries 3D: 7/10 Fun, but short and I think online would have been better if it had voice chat.
Blaze Blue: Coming Soon.
Old 07-29-2011, 06:57 AM
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Rayman 3D: 7/10 - Great game, but the transition to 3DS is nothing special.
Pilotwings Resort: 5/10 - This should have been a free pre-installed app. It is nothing more than a 3DS presentation demo.
Super Monkey Ball 3D: 6/10 - Great 3D, but feels like a $10 iPhone game.
Dead or Alive Dimensions: 7/10 - Beautiful graphics and a lot of extras but I didn't love the fighting mechanics. Too much button mashing.
Ocarina of Time: 10/10 - What's not to like?
Old 07-29-2011, 07:09 AM
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Ocarina of Time - 10/10

Only game i have atm but love it. The graphics are unreal, very gorgeous and stunning, screenshots doesnt do it justice. Makes good use of the 3d. Not much to say cuz we all know its unreal
Old 07-29-2011, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Uberchu View Post
Nintendogs + Cats: 10/10
It was fun to start with and is a cute looking game, but it started getting repetitive some what. I grew fond of it and only played it intensively for like, the first three weeks of having the 3DS and play it once a week now.

Pilotwings Resort: 8.5/10
Average game, nothing special, but not too bad. It was short and didn't keep me entertained for very long. I wouldn't bother replaying it.

Ocarina of Time 3D: OVER 9000!!!/10
I've never played it before and I really enjoyed this. The graphics, aesthetics and 3D effects are so sexy! I've finished both quests and I'm still not bored of it. xD

Fix'd your errors, but I got more games than this cause I'm pro.
No, don't do that to how I rated those games from my personal experience. Not cool.

Originally Posted by doopliss3DS View Post
Nintendogs + Cats: 4/10
It was fun to start with and is a cute looking game, but it started getting repetitive in a boring way. I grew bored of it and I only played it for like, the first two weeks of having the 3DS and I haven't picked it up since

Pilotwings Resort: 6/10
Average game, nothing special, but not too bad. It was short and didn't keep me entertained for very long. I wouldn't bother replaying it.

Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
I've never played it before and I really enjoyed this. The graphics, aesthetics and 3D effects are so sexy! I've finished both quests and I'm still not bored of it. xD
I still stand by my opinion of those games.
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Here are the games in the order I got them in:

SSF4 3D: 5/10
Got it because it was the best of the crappy launch lineup. Was quite entertaining for a week or two, but killed by spammers online and the fact there wasn't enough variation in the game modes and nothing to unlock (i.e. nothing to motivate me to keep playing). Also, what's up with the sllllloooooowwwww moves? Not really my style of fighting game.

Excitebike 3D: 1/10
I'm not going to spend any more words on this waste of precious blocks on my SD card.

Ocarina of Time: 7/10
Decent remake of a good game. Enjoyed it until it became a repetitive dungeon crawling exercise (like most Zeldas). I gave up when I got to the Fire Temple and noticed playing it had become a drag and the fun was gone. Still... it had brilliant moments and showed us a glimpse of the 3DS's future possibilities.

Mercenaries 3D: 9.5/10
FUN! FUN! FUN! I haven't had this much fun with any video game since Borderlands. It's the only 3DS game I still play on a daily basis. The online aspect is brilliant and addictive. This sole game has rescued the 3DS from being a complete failure to me for now. Let's hope Capcom have more things like this in the pipeline for us.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions: 7.5/10
Much *much* better than SSF4. More things to do, more things to unlock, more variation, more speed and fluidity. This is simply a great fighting game. Downloadable costumes kept me going back to it every day.

Xevious 3D: 6/10
Nice pick up and play title. Great 3D effect. Deducted one point for being grossly overpriced for what it is. Would highly recommend it if it were 3-4 Euros less.
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I like the neat format Buramu used for rating his games, so I will do the same. These are the games I own in order.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D: 5/10
Even though this is considered the best launch game, I actually found it the least enjoyable. The modes in the game were nice and I liked the fact that it was the first 3DS game that showed the Wifi potential on the 3DS. However, the amount of people who abused the touch screen features online ruined the fun, not to mention that the game generally became boring after a while. But then again, I never preferred the slow-paced fighting in Street Fighter games.

Rayman 3D: 6.5/10
This is honestly my favorite launch game. I've never had the chance to play the original, so I could appreciate the game without noticing that it was another one of Ubisoft's cash in attempts. Anyway, the platforming in the game was topnotch, and I found humor in the appearance and dialogue of the monsters. There are two major flaws in the game, however. The fact that there are constant framerate drops in several areas of the game and the sound effects in the game are barely audible due to the extremely loud music. Other than that, the game is entertaining.

Bust a Move Universe: 6/10
I'm not a fan of puzzle games, except for Bust a Move. I purchased the game thinking it would be as deep as the other games in the series, but was highly mistaken. Now, the game features the same gameplay you'd expect: bursting bubble-like objects of the same color until there are no more on the screen. The 3DS version gives us a bare, single player experience. Bust a Move shines the most when you're playing multiplayer, and this would've been the perfect chance to add in an online mode, but Universe fails to deliver. So what you're left with is about 5 hours worth of a "story" and a nonstop mode that becomes repetitive after a while. I do applaud the fact that they added achievement-like unlockables in the game, but there is no incentive to head back unless you're a completionist. Overall, the game is fun, but easily bargain bin material.

Nintendogs + Cats: 4/10
Oh boy. Look, I love the fact that this game is cute. The whole reason I wanted this game was for the cats. I love cats and I expected to be able to do more with them, but I was disappointed that the game revolved entirely around the dogs. Unfortunately, the cats are nothing more than decoration. The game is fun for a few hours but becomes repetitive FAST. I won't dive too deep into explaining, but I would never purchase a game like this for full price again.

Dead or Alive Dimensions: 9/10
Hands down the best fighter on the 3DS. There's a lot to unlock, tons of modes, and the online play can be flawless. I admit to be biased with Dead or Alive, as it has always been my favorite fighter. Honestly, I can't come up with any negative things to say about the game.

Ocarina of Time 3D: 7.5/10
An enhanced port of my least favorite Zelda game. The game itself is a classic, but I felt that not too much was added. It is definitely the most overhyped 3DS game and I can't understand why. There really is not much else to say. I enjoyed it, but there was nothing new in the package that I haven't already experienced.

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D: 9.5/10
Hands down the best 3DS game. This game will consume your time if you want to achieve higher scores and unlock everything. It is the closest game to perfection on the 3DS, but unfortunately, doesn't come without flaws. Firstly, the fact that the sound quality in the game is extremely bad, animations of your enemies are distorted and downright choppy from far away, not being able to erase your data, and connecting can be tricky when playing online play. Despite these flaws, the game is a blessing and breathed life into my 3DS. If a sequel were to be made that addressed these problems, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
Fantastic game that is still as good as it was all those years ago. The updated graphics really impressed me.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D: 6/10
Good game and a nice update on the series but bought more for nostalgia than really wanting it. Finding it a wee bit boring tbh.

Super Monkey Ball 3D: 6/10

Bought for the monkey ball mode and it's far too easy. Enjoyable and utilises the 3D quite well but still too easy for me.

Excitebike 3D: 1/10
Agree with the above from Buramu, waste of space on my SD card.

Chronos Twins: N/A
Only just downloaded so not sure, looks ok though.

Links Awakening DX: 8/10
Still on 2nd dungeon so not sure how long it is. This is my first time playing this game and so far it's been excellent.

Let's Golf 3D: 5/10 (so far)
Again just downloaded and had a wee shot last night but the 3D doesn't look so good to me. Seems like it'll be a fun game but I've not really played enough of it yet.
Old 07-29-2011, 01:27 PM
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Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
What can I say, considering everyone else has already said so many good things about it? My first Zelda game, and boy is it fantastic. In Gerudo's Fortress right now, and I'll be going through again once more, then on my 3rd save doing Masterquest.

Street Fighter IV 3D: 4/10
I was really disappointed when I got it, considering how much praise the console counterpart received. Sluggish fighting, and all round boring, and then little cut-scenes with a tiny little story doesn't make it any fun. Traded it in.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D: 8/10
Not a big fan of the genre, but I'm really enjoying this. Having great fun with it.
Old 07-29-2011, 02:01 PM
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Rayman 3D: 7.5/10
This game gets a lot of hate and I can understand why. It's been ported a lot. But this isn't a terrible port. There are frame rate problems and some 3D problems too. But it's always been a great game. And it's much better than the DS port.

Link's Awakening DX: 10/10
This game is fantastic. A must-buy for any Zelda fan, or 3DS owner in general to be honest.

Rayman (DSiWare): 9/10
Great version of the original. The music is great and so are the graphics. But the difficulty can get very, very annoying at some times.
Old 07-29-2011, 02:25 PM
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Super Street Fighter IV 3D: 5.5/10 - SSFIV was a really good game for a launch date. I had fun playing with my partner tehgheiboi. The only I hate was the online cause they abused the touch screen and the players who keep spamming.

Dead or Alive Dimensions: 8.5/10 - This I would said the best fighting about of all time. Online is great, downloadable costumes. The only thing I hate about it is why they put another Kasumi close why not put aonther character.

Ocarina of Time 3D: 8/10 - The game is good. I'm not a fan of OoT is one least Zelda I play.

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D: 9/10 - This would game I love to death cause I love playing it with tehgheiboi online. We spent hours trying to beating each mode. only thing is that is bad is the animations, not able to erase your date to start a new game, connection problems.
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Super Street Fight IV - 7/10
It's okay, but it seems like the only reason to play it is for online play.

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars - 8/10
Really fun game, but gets a bit difficult later on...

Ridge Racer 3D - 7.5/10
One of my favorite 3DS games, probaly because I'm a fan of the series, but hey.. it's still a fun game. Wifi would've been nice though.

Star Wars III: Clone Wars (i think) - 6.5/10
Way too easy... and the music gets repetitive. But it's a cute game.

Dead or Alive Dimensions - 8/10
Loads of content & modes. The stages alone is the reason why I like this game better than street fighter.

Ocarina of Time - 8/10
Maybe it was the "greatest game of all time" back in 1998, but not by todays standards. But I did have a blast playing this game.

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D - 7.5/10
It gets addicting, the co-op is fun, and some of the skills are fun to play with (mainly the lightning one). Just needs more stages, and a better variety of enemies.

Pacman & Galaga Dimensions - 7.7/10
A very flashy & colorful package. The original games let you continue on the stage that you died on; without this feature I would've never made it as far as I did lol. The modern versions of pacman & galaga are fun & addicting, but are difficult (which is what I love about them). & then theres the 2 new games. Yes, they're gimmicky; No, they're not AS hard as the modern versions; they're actually quite fun.

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Street Fighter - 8/10 Fun while it lasts, though I wish there was more content.

Ocarina of Time 3D - 9.5/10 A better version of Ocarina of Time, so +.5 to that.

Link's Awakening - 8.5/10 A classic 2D zelda with tons of stuff from Mario, however it is difficult to save without savestates or death when using the 3DS (you have to push all the buttons)

Donkey Kong '94 - 8/10 A great gameboy platformer with lots of levels

Excitebike - 5/10 Play it once and you will never play it again

Cave Story - 9/10 A fantastic 2D shooter/adventure game with great story and music. It's better on PC, though.
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why all the excitebike 3D hate? and wasn't there a thread like this before?
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Super Street Fighter IV - 7/10

Beautiful graphics, beautiful frame rate, great pick-up-and-play-ability, great controls, great everything.
Not so beautiful storyline but gameplay somehow makes up for that and keeps you coming back!

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 10/10

There are no flaws. If God came down as a 3DS game, this is the second-coming.

Samurai Warriors - 10/10

The graphics beat all other titles I have played. The storyline is more immersive than any XBOX or Playstation 3 game. The storyline is different for each time you restart it. This is Nintendo and God's love child. This is the game I would recommend the most.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries ?/10

Just bought this yesterday but have not had time to play it yet. Tonight in the dark I will try this badboy :] I have heard good things so I am looking forward to it!
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Posts: n/a

Originally Posted by Uberchu View Post
why all the excitebike 3D hate? and wasn't there a thread like this before?
Maybe because many people don't exactly see why this game deserves to be a 3DS remake? It hasn't exactly aged with dignity like some other classics.

And, let's face it, it's just mind numbingly dull to play.
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Originally Posted by Buramu View Post
Maybe because many people don't exactly see why this game deserves to be a 3DS remake? It hasn't exactly aged with dignity like some other classics.

And, let's face it, it's just mind numbingly dull to play.
This, it would be ok if it was always free. I mean obviously it would be stupid to pay for and people would know the eshop, but it isnt free anymore, and it is $6! Seriously, who would pay $6 for this.
Xevious I do see though and might get it at some point.

As for my reviews.
Super Street Fighter 4 3d edition 7/10 may be because I didnt play the original/super street fighter 4/ arcade edition/slightly different costume editions so it seems original to me. Still prefer smash bros.

Nintendogs Plus Cats 6/10. Its a good pet sim. Thats about it, and the cats need something more than just walk around and be lazy, oh wait a minute. They got everything a cat does perfectly.

Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars 5/10. Good, but buggy and has no replay value besides some unlockable characters.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d: 9/10. Great REMAKE(Come on people, 3d effects improved graphics, gyroscope, touch screen controls/menus, SS easter eggs, followed by a mirrored Master Quest mode, and boss mode for both. I dont remember all of those in the original game), but I noticed some ghosting and framerate drops in the game.

Resident Evil:The Mercanaries 3d 9.5/10. Woot. So glad I bought it. Incredibaly addicting. Lost .5 for the lack of Leon.
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OOT. 999999999/10 EXTREMELY FUN!! i love the glitches that make the game even more fun!
Rayman 3d : 7/10 i never really played rayman 2 . so it was fun, but not the best gameplay and horrible 3d. also the ipod version is like 7 dollars
Monkeyball 3d : 8/10 i liked it. but story was very short. maybe when i get to online gaming and platy with cheesewig ill change my mind.
Pilotwings resort 9/10: fun, but boring at the same time. i beat it. but will ocasionally go back and play it, or just put in my headphones to go to sleep with the music!

and im not doing my 3d classics or gameboy games
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Super Street Fighter IV 3D: 5/10
It was considered one of the better launch titles, but all it is, is a port that got boring fast, nothing new to see here.

Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
I've never played the original, so I got this since it was popular among the 3DS. It' has beautiful a 3D effect. It's very fun to play, and is one of the best platforming games I've had.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D: 9/10
It's a great and fun game. I find it more enjoyable to play with a friend and kill zombies. I didn't give it a 10 because there were not as much levels as I expected and the game doesn't have good sound, but it's enjoyable, nonetheless.

Alleyway: 0.5/10
It should've been a free app and certainly a waste of SD card space and 3 dollars.

Link's Awakening DX: 5/10
Haven't played it much, but a good and long story, but just swinging your sword doesn't keep me entertained.

Game & Watch Gallery: 7/10
This is one of the better Virtual Console games. Though ther's not much to do, as soon as you start, it gets better and much more intense, it should keep you entertained, trying to beat your high score.

Excitebike 3D: 1/10
It was free at first and should be free on the store now. Kept me entertained for 5 minutes.

Xevious 3D: 7/10
It's fun blasting your way through the areas shooting and bombing UFOs and beating you're high score. I would recommend this game if it was cheaper.
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is blazeblue any good? or should i wait until starfox and kidic?

kid ic. oops...
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Rayman 3D - 5/10 (One of the worst 3DS games I've played -_-... the original was great, but this is a bad port.

Super Street Fighter IV 3DE - 7/10 (Gets repetitive after just a few minutes...)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 11/10 (Epic game, but I prefer Majora's Mask)

Ridge Racer 3D - 7/10 (Good arcade racer, but no online makes it boring after a while)

PilotWings Resort - 5/10 (Should have been an eshop game...)

Puzzle Bobble Universe 3D (Bust-A-Move in America) - 6/10 (Fun, but should have been eshop game)

Super Monkey Ball 3D - 6/10 (Feels like a iOS game, so should have been eshop)

Dead or Alive Dimensions - 9/10 (Great fighter, & better than SF4)
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Ocarina of time 9/10
One of my favourite games ever, it's the best version.

SSFIV 8/10
an excellent fighter, i still play often.

RE: Mercenaries 3d 8/10
this game is addictive, i didn't plan on buying it at first but after a rental i decided to buy it.
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Pilotwings resort- 8/10
Some of the best graphics on the 3ds, It takes about 5 hours to play through mission mode, free play is fun, but I wish it had no time limit. This game also houses the most amazing depth in any 3ds game I have owned so far.

Nintendogs + cats-6.5/10
Now I am not a big dog fan at all, but I do like cats. The game simply is pretty boring (Don't ask why I picked this over SSFIV 3D. Maybe I was to excited getting my system.) Anyhow, the game is super fun playing on your first time, but boring the next.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D-9.5/10
The best 3DS game I own so far (And might have some tough competision with super mario 3D land and kid icarus uprising,) The graphics are over amazing, colorful, but still a tad blocky. The music is amazing (Even more amazing on the free cd I got from Club N..) and story is well, legendary.

3D classics: Excitebike-5/10
Not much to say, I got the app for free but have no idea how anyone could pay $6 for this crap. I mean, no multiplayer, no online, no high score online, no bike/player customizer, but 3D is OK, not the best.. Well, I guess that's it...

Pokedex 3D-7/10
It's ok, the 3D effect isn't the best out there, but it is fun to wake up guessing what new pokemon you are getting today, and the pokemon look really clean, but still I hate the ar part. When everyone thought AR POKEMON BATTLES YAYZ!! They had no idea it was going to be like this. No battles and ar markers don't work. Bleck.

A great app on the system, but due to my crappy slow internet, loading takes 5 minutes just to download less than 3 minutes. and the free trial choices are terrible. Who wants to see this movie no one wants or has seen?? But the quality is super good. And the app is free!! Can't pass up on free.

Nintendo Video-9/10
A nice video app with new videos (and hillarious) every week. I really enjoyed the 3D on the Captain america and the smurfs trailers, and I choked on my laughter with dinasaur office (Rawr.) Yes, ANOTHER 100% free app on the system.

Photo dojo-7.5/10
If you want some mega laughs on an app that sells for only $2.00, this is the one. You bassiclly just take a few pics, sounds and backgrounds and walla! You got your own homemade fighter. Everything is hillarious, but still lacks depth and online.

Pop island: paperfield-8.5/10
The best app you could pay only 2 bucks for. The game houses beautiful graphics, fun gameplay and the best feature, a wonderful 2-8 multiplayer. All for two bucks. WOW. You can't pass up this deal whatsoever.

Mario vs. Donkey kong: Minis march again-8/10
I loved my first MVSDK Game, mini land mayhem, but this game doesn't satisfy me as much as it's sequel. The game costs a whopping 8 dollars (I see $5 more reasonable) but still it's a fun game, 4 worlds or not.

The legend of zelda: link's awakening DX-8/10
It's my first VC (getting 20 more on september 1st lol) and a great port. Now I really like this game but i'm not the BIGGEST fan of classic 1990's games. I like old games to see how they changed over the years but I am just more used to 3D games, y'know what I mean? and I am still puzzled by the $6.00 price tag. It seems like $3.00 is a better price.

Now, I would review the built in software, but this post is too long already.

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Super Street Fighter 4 - 7.5/10 (It was the most enticing of the launch games for me, and I still enjoy it...but these type of fighters aren't really my prime kind of games)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 9.2/10 (Amazing, but I have had games that I've liked I don't want to go overboard on the I only have four proper games I need to keep my scoring a bit strict)

Excitebike - 5/10 (Meh, it's good for about 10 minutes but now I don't really see the reason to go near it again. I will say the 3D effect on it is one of the nicest 3D effects I've seen on the 3DS.)

Pokedex 3D - 7.8/10 (Get's most of it's marks from novelty value alone since it's not much of a the score can't really be compared to my actual games)

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nintendogs + cats: 6/10
I wish there was more to do after you unlock everything.

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition: 8/10
Fun in short bursts. The streetpass in this game is genius.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 9/10
Brilliant remake. I finally finished the game for once Shame the music isn't orchestrated though.

Pokedex 3D: 7/10
Fun to unlock all the pokemon through spotpass, but I wish there was something other to do besides that.

Excitebike: 5/10
It got boring after a bit...

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX: 7/10
Really enjoyable. I love the simple humor in this game.

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Blazeblue: Continuum Shift 2: 7/10
Eh it's alright if you can get past the fact that you can only use the d-pad which is incredibly uncomfortable.

Pac-man & Galaga Dimensions: 6/10
A decent collection of pac-man and galaga. Galaga 3d impact is very boring and pac-man tilt is however everything else is in 3-D and looks awesome especially Galaga legions.

Ridge Racer 3D: 7.5/10
The 3D didn't help that much with turning for me but it did make the graphics look incredible, especially in the first person mode.

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars: 7.5/10
I'm not a huge strategy rpg guy, so i was a little skeptical about buying this. However my opinion was changed by the stellar combat. Not so much the story.

Splinter Cell 3D: 3/10
Awful. The A.I. in this game is so terrible that they don't see you until your right next to them. The controls and camera were really clunky and the graphics weren't good.

Rayman 3D 6.5/10
I loved Rayman 2 on the n64 but this version has some serious audio glitches. Also, this game sometimes crashes on me. Not Terrible, but not great.

Cartoonnetwork: Punch Time Explosion: 7/10
I know a lot of people hate this game. I can see why but its certainly not horrible. The controls are a bit slippery and the camera needed fixing. But my biggest problem is that when you fight against npc's in battle, they always go for you. They wont fight each other willingly at all. The only way they will hit each other is by not hitting you. The story mode was actually pretty fun though I have to say.

Super Monkey Ball 3D: 5/10
Way to easy!

Dream Trigger 3D 8/10
A very innovative and challenging shooter that's got some great graphics!

Dead Or Alive: Dimensions 8/10
Great fighting system and everything, however the chronicle mode is confusing and boring.

Bust-A-Move Universe 6/10
It's Bust-A-Move, it's fun, but gets very repetitive because the same song plays for all the worlds.

Steeldiver: 5/10
Not really exciting or anything. It is very cool in 3D and the periscope missions are great!

Pilotwings Resort 7.5/10
Very fun for while it lasts. The graphics are impressive but the 3D gave me headaches so i rarely used it.

Nintendogs plus cats 7/10
Its Nintendogs with slight differences.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
A perfect must-have game.

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition: 8/10
Fun at first, but it gets repetitive very quickly.

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D: 7/10
There's a lot of problems in this game. But what it comes down to is that its fun, and that's what matters.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles: 8/10
One of my favorites, awesome replay value and DLC make this game amazing!
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Pilotwings: 6/10
SSF4: 6/10
Re:Mercs: 8/10
Ocarina Of Time: 9/10
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Originally Posted by SilverSun View Post
Ocarina of Time 3D: 10/10
I've never played the original, so I got this since it was popular among the 3DS. It' has beautiful a 3D effect. It's very fun to play, and is one of the best platforming games I've had.

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Ocarina of Time - 10/10
OMGZ Awesome, its still revolutionary

Pilotwings Resort - 7/10
Short, too damn short

Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars - 8.5/10
Good, but levels are too long for handheld play (there 30mins long)
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Ridge racer 7/10
Pilitwings 7/10
PES 8/10
Zelda OOT 9/10
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Super Street Fighter - 8/10 Very addictive online game for me. I enjoyed playing it for the first 2 months. Online is great, imo, but I do get killed quite a bit.

Pilotwings - 7/10 Decent game, but I haven't played it very much.

Madden - 7/10 It's 3D. The lack of features doesn't bother me.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 10/10 Never finished this one on N64 or GC, but did finish on 3DS. Great game. Currently, I'm at the Spirit Temple in the Master Quest.

Steel Diver - Literally purchased it this morning and have not played it yet. Really wanted Pac-man, but my K-mart did not have any.

Games on the way: Rayman 3D, Ridge Racer 3D

How much I paid for each (cause I really think that effects least initially)

Street Fighter - $40 full price
Pilot Wings - Free through Gamestop buy 2 get 1 sale
Madden - $20. Caught it at half price at Gamestop
Zelda OoT 3D - $20. Used a $20 Kmart coupon to get half off.
Steel Diver - $15. Used $15 Kmart coupon and $10 off with SYWR points
Rayman 3D - $20
Ridge Racer 3D - $20 Bought with Rayman 3D from Amazon with buy 1 get 1 free sale.
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Originally Posted by banjo3dsie View Post
Resident Evil:The Mercanaries 3d 9.5/10. Woot. So glad I bought it. Incredibaly addicting. Lost .5 for the lack of Leon.
lol I love hearing these fanboys complain.

Originally Posted by nickerous View Post

Street Fighter - $40 full price
Pilot Wings - Free through Gamestop buy 2 get 1 sale
Madden - $20. Caught it at half price at Gamestop
Zelda OoT 3D - $20. Used a $20 Kmart coupon to get half off.
Steel Diver - $15. Used $15 Kmart coupon and $10 off with SYWR points
Rayman 3D - $20
Ridge Racer 3D - $20 Bought with Rayman 3D from Amazon with buy 1 get 1 free sale.

You've probably spent the least amount of money on 3DS games than anyone else on these forums. Do you live in America? I might start shopping at Kmart now lol
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Ocarina of Time: 9/10 This is the game I've played the least, just because I've played it so many times before. but it is a great game and this is the definitive version.

Resident Evil: The Mercinaries: 7/10 The online is great but there isnt anything new or different from the resident evil games on the consoles. There are only 8 characters and all of the areas are taken from resident evil 4 and 5. Also, Im up to the last stage and there has only been one boss battle, and it was extremely lame.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions: 8/10 My most played game. Online can be very challenging and is the most fun mode even with the lag. Single player is dissapointingly easy.
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Originally Posted by Megarobexe View Post
You've probably spent the least amount of money on 3DS games than anyone else on these forums. Do you live in America? I might start shopping at Kmart now lol
I do live in America. Kmart is very good with offering coupons for a future game purchase when you buy a new game. I started with L.A. Noire. They offered a $20 game for free and a $20 coupon when you bought Noire at launch. That noire coupon was used with Zelda, which came with a $15 coupon that I used on steel diver. I really wanted Pac-man, but kmart screwed their ordering up in July and it wasn't sent to my local store. Supposedly, they are going to start up the deals again on August 7.

Check out this thread on CAG: KmartGamer 6.0
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RE: 9/10
OoT: 9/10
Ridge Racer: 8/10
PES: 7/10
SSFIV3D: 8/10
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Tloz Oot - 9/10
Doa: D - 7/10
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Ridge Racer 3D - 7.5/10
Great game, very fun and very easy to control, but the reflections on the cars are simply hideous, pixelated like a NES game which I find unacceptable. The cars themselves are not very well-modeled either. The tracks are great but there should have been more, and they're not new. The grand prix are long but since the tracks are always the same it still gets boring after a while. Online play would have bumped this to a 9/10. If you like arcade racing, this game controls so smoothly it is a real pleasure and a game you'll go back to for a long, long while (I bought it at launch and I still play it).

Rayman 3D - 7/10
The graphics are very good, the 3D is really strong (I really don't get the complaints on this), and the game rather long, but I played Rayman 2 on the Nintendo 64 before so this isn't very new and the graphics lack some diversity. It's a decent game but for short bursts, there aren't 20 hours to be put into it.

Asphalt 3D - 7.5/10
The graphics are colorful and the lighting is really good, the tracks are wonderfully diverse and contain a lot of shortcuts and crazy jumps, the cars are licensed and almost perfectly modeled, but it lacks online play and the game isn't as long as I wish it were considering the amount of fun I've had with it, and the technical flaws become really bothering after a while. Compared with Ridge Racer 3D, it controls a lot less smoothly, but it's a lot more fun because there's a lot more to do in the game. It's like Burnout but with its production rushed.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions - 7/10
The game looks very good, there's enough interaction with the arenas, but I probably suck at fighting games. I find it very difficult to pull off anything beyond the most basic combos, and you're supposed to remember them first which I personally don't understand, especially since they're so hard to pull off anyway. The story mode is 95% cut-scenes and 5% fights which is very strange. The game is fun and fast-paced and it's surely a great game if you're really good at fighting games, but I can't manage to win online against people that are much stronger than me. Not recommended for non-fighting fans, but a great fighting game.

Rabbids Travel in Time 3D - 5/10
The graphics look pretty great, but there's literally nothing to do in that game. Your only goal is to collect items, avoid or defeat the 4 or 5 enemies per level and avoid the traps. There isn't enough diversity in the levels either. This would have been a great game for the eShop, and even though I only paid $17 for it, I still feel like it was too much and that's the only game on the 3DS I've felt this way with. $8 on the eShop is what it should have been, really, and it would have been an amazing 3DSWare title.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - 9.5/10
There's almost nothing bad to say about this game. The graphics are simply outstanding; the levels are incredible, full of interactivity, beautifully designed, colorful; the characters really have hugely different strengths and weaknesses which will make some missions hard to pull off with some of them and much easier with others. They have different special moves, different weapons. The variety in weapons is also something that's perfect about this game: between knives, handguns, rifles, bows, rocket-launchers, blinding grenades, mines etc. there's just so much thought to be put into how to kill the enemies and get a high score. The enemies have weak spots, like their legs, arms or heads, that can be used to stun them and then use hand-to-hand combat, and different enemies have different resistance levels and need to be taken care of in different ways. The game is both accessible and yet very challenging. There is a ton of things to unlock, from skills that can be used strategically to improve certain aspects of your character and his or her weapons, medals, alternate costumes, extra levels, new weapons, and of course the 8 characters. Online play is perfect for this type of games. The only flaw I see is that you're able to unlock every character's set of weapons to use with any other character, but not to choose which individual weapons to put into your set which would have made the game that much more fun. Other than that, this is one fun, intense and beautiful game. My favorite game on the 3DS.

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Zelda OoT: 9.5/10
Played the game when I was younger,loved it. Playing it now is fun but for some reason I was better at it when I was younger. Very Fun game.
Rabbids Travel in Time 3D: 6/10
I bought it cause it was $16 at TRU and the only game, besides Rayman 3D, that was interesting enough for me to pick up. Kinda bored with it, you collect stuff..and stuff. I would have been more upset if I paid the full $40.
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Posts: n/a

Super Street Fighter IV: *** out of 5 stars. A little overrated. Gets boring quick. Still fun at times though.
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Pilotwings Resort 3/10
Ridge Racer 6/10
Zelda OoT (I haven't completed it yet) so far 10/10
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Originally Posted by Megarobexe View Post
You've probably spent the least amount of money on 3DS games than anyone else on these forums. Do you live in America? I might start shopping at Kmart now lol
He hasen't :P

heres mine:
OoT: $25
SSFIV3D: $30
Pilot Wings: $10
Ridge Racer 3D: $22
Dead or Alive Dimensions: $24
Rayman 3D: $15
Super Monkey Ball 3D: $12
Res Mercs: $32

Now time to rate my eshop games:
Super Mario Land - 5/10 (Only 12 levels )
ExciteBike 3D - 2/10 (Gets boring quickly, should still be free -_-)
LoZ Link's Awakening - 8.5/10 (2nd best top-down Zelda in the series, best being Alttp)
Double Dragon [Europe only] - 6/10 (Good beat'em up)
QIX - 5/10 (Average GB puzzle game)
Fortified Zone - 3/10 (Don't waste your money on it...)

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Originally Posted by EpiclyEpic View Post
He hasen't :P

heres mine:
OoT: $25
SSFIV3D: $30
Pilot Wings: $10
Ridge Racer 3D: $22
Dead or Alive Dimensions: $24
Rayman 3D: $15
Super Monkey Ball 3D: $12
Res Mercs: $32
Do you get them from Kmart too?!
Tell me your ways. :P
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Thumbs up My 3DS Reviews

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions............ 8/10
This game is great! The use of the 3D effects is great. I didn't get as much fun out of the Classic Pac-Man as I thought I would, but that's only due to the Pac-Man Champ Edition. Sounds great and its subtle 3D is fun. Galaga Legions is super fun and intense and the Galaga 3D Impact and Pac-Man Tilt are 2 really great games on their own. It is worth the buy in my honest opinion. 8/10 cuz it's still repetitive arcade and there could have been Wi-Fi play instead of just leader boards. Overall it's a great title.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars................ 9/10
Do you enjoy Tactical RPGs and Tom Clancy titles? You sir/madam, are in luck indeed. This is easily one of the greatest games I've ever played. Honest. I really enjoy the 3D effect, but the story could be better. The game play is extremely addicting and it gets to be quite challenging. This game would have received a 10/10 but the lack of Wi-Fi or better multiplayer modes dropped it a tad for me.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition....... 7/10
Sonic Boom! Enough said. This game is splendid and so very addicting... if you are a diehard Street Fighter fan. I am a huge Street Fighter fan and what dropped it to 7/10 for me was the glitchy online play and I can't play it with the 3D on. I move the system around too much when I get into my Street Fighter. So the slider hits rock bottom to avoid my eyes wandering out of the "sweet spot." I also wish more of the characters were unlockables. When I started to play it, it felt I was working towards nothing. Other than that, great game play. It is easily my favourite fighting engine out there.

Asphalt 3D....................................... 7/10
This is a pretty fun racing game here lads/gals. Full of explosive nitro boost racing taken to the next level... 3D! Too bad I can't play this with the 3D on either. I move the damn system too much and ghost up my screen. Oh well, sometimes I can handle it about 1/4 the way up. I was expecting more from this game, as I did LOVE Asphalt: Urban GT 2. I played it soooo much! I was very excited to buy this game and realized this game lacks all the customization GT 2 had. It has a few funny glitches that can happen when you are going 500km/h, watch out for those. There is lots of game play and lots of fun to be had here. Also, why does 3DS lack Wi-Fi? C'mon, how great would Asphalt 3D would have done with a Wi-Fi Race mode? Exactly. Would have made this a solid 9/10!

Chronos Twins................................. 7/10
LOVE this game! I played the demo forever, and then I finally cracked and purchased it. New game play makes for a new learning curve. I like the challenge. The graphics are really nice on the eyes. The sound is a good listen. I just want this game to never end. I want sequels and I want something new!! It gets a bit repetitive, but it's hidden by the increasing difficulty. So 7, cuz there just could have been more content or a bit more intriguing storyline.

LoZ: Link's Awakening DX................. 8/10
What can I say about this game? Nothing bad, but I think they should have released it as a Classic and made it 3D and revamped the sound. That would have made this a 10. This is one of the best Zelda games released in my opinion. It takes me back to the original for the NES. The graphics are actually really well done for the console it was created for. Long story and great game play. Pick this one up.

Excite Bike 3D.................................. 7/10
It's Excite Bike in all its awesomeness, but even better and in super fly super 3D! What makes it even better? Tons of save slots for custom tracks. What would have made it 10/10? Online play. If you loved the old NES version, you'll appreciate the 3D effect on this one. It's very cool. Also, it was FREE! How do you even say no to that? Get it.

Face Raiders................................... 6/10
Well, it's Face Raiders. For a built in free game, it's actually quite entertaining. That is until you beat the Boss for the first time. I don't think I've played it since. If there were more stages it would get a higher score from me. It's fun to a point, but get repetitive pretty quick.

Pok?dex 3D.................................... 7/10
Waiting for updates... I really want earlier generations on here, that's why for the moment it only gets 7. It's fun to play with. It has nice graphics and a subtle 3D effect. The info on each Pok?mon is pretty extensive so it can be more of a tool than a gimmicky app. It's free, so why not. To Pok?mon fans it's a MUST.

Glory Days: Tactical Defense........... 8/10
For a $1.99 game, it's pretty sleek. I have already had a few hours of fun with this little game. I just downloaded it a couple days ago and find some decent playability here. It's Tower Defense, so it's got a good idea behind it and it does it fairly well. The sound is pretty good and the graphics are better than expected, but still quite blocky. It's cheap, and if you like Tower Defense, you'll probably enjoy it.

G.G Series: Horizontal Bar............... 6/10
Another little $1.99 game is snagged up. It's a gymnastics physics game. It makes me feel like I'm playing "The Floor is Lava" and actually it got me pretty into it. It's kind of difficult when first playing, but you pick up the sweet jump spots after a while. Swinging from bar to bar. It's a nice little arcade game. Again, for $1.99, I figured, "why not?" It has given me some enjoyment and I plan to beat it and master it.

This has been "Review Time" with T.R.E. I hope you all got something from my quick write ups. If I had to recommend games from this list, I'd say:

-Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions
-Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
-Chronos Twins
-LoZ: Link's Awakening DX
-Glory Days: Tactical Defense
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Pilotwings Resort- 8/10 It was great for while it lasted, almost 100% the game in about 12 hours, so the length brings the score down. Loved it while it lasted.

Steet Fighter - 7/10 I'm not a fan of fighting games, and this game didn't really change my mind. I played it total for about 8 hours, and plan on selling it. It was fun while I enjoyed it but got tired of it fast.

Ocarina of Time - 10/10 This game is "overrated" for a reason. 40 hours of the game so far, on the Spirit Temple in Master Quest. Great length and an amazing game. Best game on the system so far, but everyone already knows that.

Links Awakening DX - 9/10 Such an imaginative game, I never beat the original DX, since I got stuck on the 8th dungeon, but I finally beat it. Worth the $6 in my opinion for such a hard yet fun game.

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- 9.5/10
Really good game and it is as good as the first one that came out on the nintendo 64

Rayman 3D- 7/10
It was a really good adventures game but i found that i kept turning the 3D off every now and then

Nintendogs + Cats- 8/10
I love pets so it was a really great cute game for me but it did get a bit boring after a while
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Nintendogs + Cats: 8/10
Value: $30

It's definitely a must for previous Nintendogs players, and likely one of the best launch titles for the system. However, compared to its predecessor, it really falls short in the amount content it delivers. I also feel that it didn't push the 3DS as hard graphically as previous entries pushed the DS.

Super Monkey Ball 3D: 4/10
Value: $20

Unlike Banana Blitz with the jumping ability, and Step & Roll with the shoot ability, Super Monkey Ball 3D uses the formula we remember from Super Monkey Ball 2. Classic Monkey Ball gameplay, certain stages having gimmicks like switches. Gameplay wise, it controlled well, but I was extremely disappointed with the difficulty level of the game. The Super Monkey Ball series was known for easy stages in the beginning, and stages that felt impossible farther into the game. Super Monkey Ball 3D, even in the last world, doesn't have a single stage that even compares to advanced mode. A real shame for players like me, who have been faithful to the series since it's debut on the arcade back in 2000. Graphics wise, it's decent at best. While the 3DS is proven by many titles to have graphics that surpass the Wii, Super Monkey Ball 3D's graphics don't even live up to that of the GameCube's. To top it all off, there are two mini games that are shovelware, which is a disgrace considering that they were able to pack 50 well-made mini games into Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. This is a real letdown, as just when Sega is trying to revive the Sonic franchise, they're letting the Super Monkey Ball franchise suffer.

3D Classics - Excitebike: 4/10
Value: Free

I don't have much to say about this game, except it's a shockingly bad port of an NES game that is most definitely not worth $6, and I will not invest in any future title in the 3D Classics series.

Face Raiders: 6/10
Value: $2

While a free built-in game, I would actually be willing to pay for this game if it were an eShop title. Innovation, a decent amount of content, and accessibility for guests makes for a perfect demonstration of the 3DS experience.

AR Games: 2/10
Value: $2

All I can say about the game is that it is way too buggy, and that without an update to the cameras for more angles/lighting when viewing the AR cards, it isn't a stable concept and needs drastic improvement before Nintendo continues with it. The only positive thing I have to say about it is that it offers plenty of content.

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Resident Evil: Mercenaries 9.5/10. They could have added more stage and character. They need to get rid of choppy framerates from distance of Mutant infection, but Online and Alt. costume made it up for lack of those, and it's SUPER ULTIMATE ENDLESSLY EPICLY FUN! *cough* sorry got carried away but it's worth it.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 10/10. Perfect Game, Great 3D effect, decent Gameplay, and enjoyable.

Let's Golf 3D 8/10. Finally a 3D game in eShop. It's really fun when you get to play with your friend nearby, and sure golf can make us angry when we ruined the shoot of bein in the hole. That game is fun. It does deserve 8/10.

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Pilotwings Resort - 7/10
Pros: great 3D effect, good variety of missions, almost perfect difficulty curve
Cons: short, lack of new areas to explore

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - 9/10

Pros: infinite replayability, tons of modes and characters, easy for newcomers but has sufficient depth for experts
Cons: circle pad isn't great for special moves, lack of direction in training mode

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 10/10
Pros: lengthy quests, revamped graphics, perfect controls, it's frickin' ocarina of time on the go
Cons: a little bit of 3D crosstalk (ghosting) sometimes
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Ocarina of Time- 8/10
Pros: Long quests, better graphics, MUCH easier controls (ehem water temple)
Cons: 3D really does not help at all, I find it a gimmick, It got kind of boring at times I feel,

Super Monkey Ball - 3/10

Pros: Fun when you first play it, and MONKEYS!
Cons: Gets boring in many levels, too easy, HORRIBLE race mode, annoying soundtrack imo.

Virtual Console

Super Mario Land - 8/10

Pros: Great levels, awesome music.
Cons: Too short amount of levels.

Link's Awakening DX - 8/10

Pros: Very creative, fun, and epic soundtrack.
Cons: Walking in the hub world got very annoying.

Kirby's Dreamland - 8/10

Same reasons as Super Mario Land.

Donkey Kong - 7/10

Pros: Very fun levels and great soundtrack.
Cons: Levels very short.

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Heres my list including the amount of time i played them - score out of 10

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition - Play Time 7:53 Score - 7
Nice showcase of the 3D Effect , Fun for quite a few battles , story is mildly interesting , graphics are better than anything psp wise but the backgrounds are not animated making it feel static , online is a nice touch and adds to the experience but the story mode is just the same levels over and over

PilotWings Resort - Playtime 6:03 Score - 7.5
Nice 3d implementation as it adds to the gameplay here , fun mix of differrent aircraft , no real story just pick a plane and fly but that works for the series , I enjoyed getting most medals but the game was on the short side with just a small island and too many collectables

Samurai Warriors Chronicles - Playtime 13:55 Score -8
My first full fledged action game for the 3DS it has nice full 3D videos , gameplay is fun but can get repetitive , I prefer the original games setup with only 1 character to control , interesting missions keep the game going but can get difficult later on , I enjoyed being able to use my coins for money ; )

Rabbids Travel in Time - Playtime 1:53 Score - 4.5
It has distracting eyebleed 3d , slow uninspired gameplay , lame music videos and level design , do NOT get this game

Rayman 3D - Playtime 7:45 Score - 6.5
Some interesting 3D moments where rayman reaaally pops out at you , graphics were a bit better than dreamcast/ps1 but were not all that great , gameplay seemed really dated , not as good as i remember it but I did have some fun

Super Monkey Ball 3D - Playtime 5:36 Score - 8
Some smooth graphics here , was alot of fun to play wish there was dlc for extra lervels , game was easier with 3d on than off , maxed all levels with 3d on in under 5 hours but it was great

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Shadow Wars - Playtime 1:47 Score - 4
I tried hard to get into it but it didnt have many fun elements to drive me forward , 3d wasnt all that great

Ridge Racer 3D - Playtime 3:51 Score - 6
I liked how fast it could be but it was a simple racer , controls were way too slidey for proper racing , nearly no customization , bland mostly flat tracks , 3d was fun though

Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 - Playtime 4:39 Score - 3
3D was terrible , seemed like a rush port , game had framerate issues even with 3d off , sprites were scaled down , story is good but why not play the real console version instead

Dead or Alive Dimensions - Playtime 9:09 Score - 9
3d was awesome but the game ran at an incredible 60 FPS with 3d off and it was so smooth , story was great , every fight was fun , Smooth online fighting , unlockable characyers and outfits gave lots more reason to play this , new downloadable costumes gets you using the 3ds every day , coins are sure fun to spend !

OOT 3D - Playtime 33:35 Score - 9
A classic reborn , 3d is best the system has to offer , long lasting story , never had more fun with the 3ds , Im sad i had already beaten it before because this is the way to enjoy this classic

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D - Playtime 3:44 Score - 6
I was looking forward to this game but I was dissapointed , lackluster 3d , no real story to make up for lack of levels , one hit ko enemies are 3ds breakingly annoying , some good graphics though with some replay value but generally small amount of unlockables , not what its cracked up to be

Reel Fishing Paradise 3d - Playtime 8:16 Score - 7.5
Nice 3d low detail but vibrant graphics , fish seem realistic and full of life , its fun to reel in a big one but it should take 2 minutes to reel in a sunfish : P , game puts you through many locations throughout the world where fish react and fight differrently , some great water/lighting effects , its cool to display your fish in an aquarium , its about time this series allowed you to eith walk or boat around though

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The Legend Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3D 9.0/10. This game will always be a #1 in my list but the 3D in my opinion was not a wow factor in this game and that is what i wanted in this game.
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Posts: n/a

Zelda OOT 10/10 Amazing graphics And lots of fun

Samurai warrior chronicles 8.5/10 Fun game and pretty long it kinda felt like it was missing something
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Zelda OoT: The best game of all time, with 3d and so much better looking graphics. 9.5
Star Fox 64 3D: Star Fox is back! We can now finally do a barrel roll in 3d! It looks amazing and all the new features are really cool. I think Star Fox made more and better improvements upon the original than OoT. 9.5 ( I just freakin luv it already 8D!)
Pilotwings Resort: It doesn't has a lot of missions, but the free fly mode is pretty cool. 7.5
Ridge Racer: The best racing game out on the 3ds so far imo. The 3d effect looks nice as well. 7.0
Pes 11: If you're a fan of soccer, you might wanna try this one. Other than that, it's not really spectacular good. 6.0
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Ocarina Of Time : 10/10. Classic is still a classic. Remake is amazing. Master Quest is awesome.

Rayman 3D : 6/10. Meh. I bought this game coz I remember the good days I had with it on the N64 days. But, the game isn't as good as the N64 version was and the secret lum is glitched up. Can't get to it because spring web doesn't work but if you use an ennemy, to get up there then, the game will freeze upon going in the hole ahead. Not worth 40$ (purchased along with 3DS in April 2011).

Other games I plan on getting someday : Pilotwing, Starfox (even if I s***), Mario kart 7, mario 3ds, paper mario, luigi's mansion 2... And if it even get announced withing the next 7 years, the 4th Golden Sun. The 3rd one was good but still disappointing.
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Pilotwings Resort- 7.5/10 Fun but little to do
Super Street Fighter- 7/10 I usually like fighting games but wasen't a fan of this one
Cartoonnetwork: Punch Time Explosion- 8.5/10 Great game but can be beat in a day
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D- 8/10 Missions are fun but after that kinda boring
Legend of Zeld: Ocarina of Time- 9.5/10 Very fun game. Lots of great ideas were put into this game. One of my fav. games off all time.
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OK, here's my updated one.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D: 9.8/10
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: 9.0/10
Star Fox 64 3D: 9.0/10
Nintendogs + Cats: 8.5/10
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Reviving this thread because I bought 2 games since my last post.

Star Fox 64 3D - 7/10
Pros: fun arcade gameplay, high replayability
Cons: lack of missions, sometimes frustrating controls, annoying bosses

Bit.Trip Saga - 8/10
Pros: wide variety of games, fantastic music, flawless controls
Cons: lag when in 3D mode, perhaps a bit too difficult
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From the order that I played them:

Street Fighter IV 3D Edition 8.5/10 (Traded In)
I sucked at this game and ended up trading it in. It's a very good game, but I wasn't any good at it. (I swear I was better at the older Street Fighter games...)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 10/10 (Own)
I'm a little biased when it comes to this game just cause it's near and dear to my heart.
I honestly thought it was going to get a little boring seeing as how I did play it on the GameCube and Wii, but I was hooked the moment I started.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D 8.5/10 (Own)

I wish it had a little more content to it, but I greatly enjoy playing it with my little brother. I'm not a big fan of "shooter" games, but I found myself enjoying this one.
The Local Wi-Fi is smooth and the 3D adds a nice touch.

Star Fox 64 3D 9/10 (Own)

A very short game, but the graphics really blew me away. It had awesome 3D and I enjoy going back to try and find alternate routes. I've played it for a while, but I know I still have a ways to go.
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The last game I bought, which I didn't review yet:

Driver Renegade - 7.5/10
Not for everyone and preferably not at full price, considering the game is pretty light on content, is very easy especially towards the beginning and doesn't have multiplayer of any kind, neither local or online. However for those who like arcade racing and thought the game might be fun, the game IS really fun. It's not a huge improvement over Ridge Racer 3D and Asphalt 3D, but it combined the pros of both games into one and for that it is the best driving game on the 3DS as of now. I have played it for about 11 hours so far and they passed by really quickly considering how fun it is to play.
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Starfox 64 3D: 7/10 - No online mode makes me so sad.

Bit.Trip Saga: 7/10 - Fun distraction.

SSFIV 3D: 8/10 - Awesome port from home consoles. Disable the bottom hotkeys during online matches for a fair fight.

Zelda OoT: 9/10 - Amazing re-launch of one of the best Zelda titles in the series. But, I've still played it before so that's why it's not perfect.

I know you said 3DS games but I'll throw this one in:
Kirby Mass Attack: 8/10 - Classic Kirby in every way.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 7/10 - The original Ocarina of Time is a great game, and deserves the praise. However, Ocarina of Time 3D is a different case. It's exactly the original game with a few new models here and there and TP-like textures pasted all over everything. Not worth anywhere near the $40 I paid for it. And I love OoT. This game was just a quick cash-in by Nintendo on the "best game of all time". Not cool, not cool at all.

That's the only 3DS game that is currently out that I ever had any interest in (although obviously I shouldn't have ever had interest in it.). It's not a 3DS game, but I got Pokemon HeartGold to play on my 3DS before OoT3D, and that was a remake.
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Okay ill make a post about downloaded games

The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX: 9/10
Super Mario Land: 8/10
Kirby's Dream Land: 9.5/10
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge: 8.5/10

I gave Kirby a high score because it's my personal favorite. I didnt include the ambassador games or excitebike, because most people got those anyway.
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Okay got some new games.
BlazBlue: 8.5/10 has plenty of things to go back and play only thing holding it back is online.
StarFox64D:8/10 Honestly good game, no online multi player that aside great game.
Maybe: Pokemon Rumble, and Bit. Trip
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LoZ - 8.5
SSFIV - 9.0
RE:M - 7.5

Gargoyle's Quest - 8.5
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge - 7.5
Super Mario Land - 7.5
down right fierce

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Posts: n/a

its good ...........
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a link between world - 8.5/10
OOT 3d: 9/10
mario 3d land - 9/10
dream team : 8/10
animal crossing - 8/10
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AC: NL - 9/10
ALBW - 10/10
OoT - 7.5/10
SM3DL - 7/10
MK7 - 8.5/10
YNI - 8/10
KTD - 8.5/10
MP: IT - 7.5/10
LM: DM - 9/10
SD - 1/10
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Oh boy, let's begin...

LoZ Ocarina of Time: 9/10
LoZ A Link Between Worlds: 9/10
Mario Kart 7: 7.5/10
PES 2011: 6/10
Mario Tennis: 6.5/10
Monster Hunter 3U: 9/10
Heroes of Ruin: 4/10
One Piece Unlimited Cruise: 4/10
Tales of the Abyss: 3.5/10
Super Mario 3D Land: 8/10
Fire Emblem Awakening: 8.5/10
Luigi's Mansion 2: 7.5/10
New Super Mario Bros 2: 5.5/10
Super Street Fighter 4: 7/10
Pokemon Y: 7.5/10
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater: 7/10
Samurai Warriors Chronicles: 4.5/10
Kid Icarus Uprising: 9.5/10
Resident Evil Revelations: 7/10
Animal Crossing New Leaf: 7/10

And the rest are eShop titles I believe...
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Kid Icarus Uprising: 8/10
I like the 3D effects and the long story line. Although its a little difficult to control sometimes. XD

Pokemon X and Y: 9.5/10

Its good but it has a short story line.

Rune Factory 4: 7/10

It gave me a little challenge but it gets boring sometimes.

Pokemon Trozei: 6/10

Its a nice game but it also annoying on how it sometimes randomly pick or arranged a pokemon in a row and get you the wrong one to battle with the wild. Plus the game tends to take over itself.

The next one will have a bit of a ranting. A bit of spoiler.

Liberation Maide (DL on eshop): 3/10

Seriously?! If you were only after cut scenes and great animations, you would appreciate it. Although the graphics were fine, the gameplay? Not much.
If you guys know about Kid Icarus? The game play pretty much plays like that except for hitting the L button to fire.

I was disappointed by the lack of challenge... FIVE LEVELS?! It only has five levels or chapters.
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf 8/10 pretty fun for the first few months, i couldnt put it down, but i find it hard to continue playing after a while when theres newer games that take up a lot of my time

Professor Layton: Miracle mask 5/10 mediocre, was imo the worst layton game (not saying it was bad, just not as good compared to the others i have)

Professor Layton: Azran Legacies 9/10 unlike miracle mask, it was imo one of the best games in the series along with lost future and pandoras box (oh and i love the layton music in all of the games just adding that)

Pokemon X/Y 8/10 after leaving pokemon around gen 4 and skipping 5, it was nice to get back into pokemon with XY, it has nice graphics and music, and amie is cute :3 could have been improved by less restrictive 3d, better framerate, better post game

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's treasure 6/10 similar to professor layton which is why i got it, but the fact i have no sense of rhythm has stopped me completing the game, it does (from what i remember) have a good soundtrack

Fire Emblem: Awakening 10/10 easily the best game i have played for the 3ds so far, great story line, funny supports, good music, and lol no feet

Bravely Default 6/10 i havent played much, not far into chapter one (still, plz dont kill me tekka im sorry) so far agnes and tiz are pretty average characters (and agnes' voice is pretty annoying), but ringabel and edea make up for tiz and agnes

Legend of Zelda: Link between Worlds 6/10 i dont know why but i cant seem to get into zelda that much, i got to lorule and then kinda stopped there (i am dissapointed that the turtle dungeon isnt turtle friendly, i could die in lava)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 7/10 its zelda again, furthest i got was the shadow temple and it gave me the creeps so i left (id be so terrible in a horror film/game/book/anything) i restarted it since and im in the forest temple as adult link

Liberation Maiden 9/10 made by level 5 (same people that made layton) so i was kind of expecting it to be good, and it was. only let down was that it was short (which made me happy that i got it in sale for about ?5) oh and it was a new type of game for me

Attack of the Friday Monsters 9/10 again by level 5, nice story, and i liked the card concept, again let down by being short (i got it in another sale so thats good)

Colours 3D 7/10 im not much of an artist so i didnt use it much, but it was pretty good when i did use it, you can customize controls so you can easily access the colour/tool palette, and you can create images in 3d easily through layers

Pokemon Battle Link 8/10 no reason for me to not like it, a pokemon puzzle game with cute little pokemon art
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Kirby Triple Deluxe 7/10 first kirby game i really played. was easy, but was kinda fun.

Yoshi's New Island 1/10 Literally the most boring 3DS game I have owned. Could not even bring myself to beat it before selling it, there was NOTHING pulling be back to play. I hated the little gimmicky things that you would only do once in the entire game anyway. Other than those, no different than the original. So. freaking. boring.

A Link Between Worlds 8/10 First zelda game I played all the way through since OOT on the 64. Obviously not a huge zelda fan, but this one looked fun and I really enjoyed it. Loved the wall ability and all the puzzle aspects.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 9.5/10 Amazing. Only game I'm thinking about replaying. Never even played the first one until this one was announced so I could play this one. Definitely one of my few favorites.

Mario Party Island Tour 4.5/10 It is kinda fun to pick up every once in a while, but the only two HUGE disappointments keeping me from giving between a 7 and a 9 are NO ONLINE (whyyy nintendo whyyy) and the courses being too short/not being able to choose a number of turns or something.

Mario Kart 7 9/10 I love me some mario kart. Online is actually really good, like the addition of the gliding, fun courses.

Pokemon Y 9.5/10 HUGE upgrade from b/w. Love the wonder trading and lumiose city stuff. So much more post game than other pokemon games. I think I've soaked the most hours into this one out of all of them.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 8/10 Great game. Never played it on the wii. Very hard, but great game

Animal Crossing New Leaf 9.5/10 Super fun game, love the online, played almost every day for about 6/7 months, and now getting back into it again.

Super Mario 3D Land 8/10 Was fun, but not amazing

New Super Mario Bros 2 7.5/10 Again, fun, but no big difference between this and any other 2D mario

Pusmo 8.5/10 Love puzzle games, this one is excellent

Mario and Donkey Kong 7/10 Fun, like the different modes.

Pokemon Battle Trozei 8.5/10 pokemon and puzzle game combined. What's not to love? I just think it's weird that you HAVE to look up a lot of it online. But it's super fun

HarmoKnight 7.5/10 Pretty fun rhythm game by gamefreak
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Ocarina 3d: 10/10

Played the original and this is a great remake. Perfect game. Thers not much I can say that hasn't already been said in this thread.

Luigis mansion 2: 9/10

Great game, better and more polished than the orginal.

Heroes of ruin: 9/10

Loved this game...underrated imo, So few arpgs on 3ds.

RE Mercenaries: 7/10

Fun...especially if your into high score chasing.

RE Revelations: 8/10

A full resi on 3ds, if you liked resi 4 you'll like this.

Castlevania mirror of fate: 7/10

Basically a good 2.5 D god of war clone.

Mario 3d Land: 9/10

Great 3d Mario game on 3ds.

Metal Gear solid remake: 6/10

Can't get into metal gear solid, found it boring and didn't like the controls.

Disney epic mickey: 5/10

Average platformer and too short.

Lego lord of the rings: 5/10

Boring, only good bits are the cutscenes...and the combat isnt fun or fluid.

Samuarai warriors: 7/10

Good hack an slash...The story is like a japanese history lesson though and the tactical parts can get difficult.

Mario Kart 7: 9/10

Great mario kart game, slick online.

Pokemon x: 8/10

The battles look great and the online features work really well, still no mutliple save slots though.
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(Wow I'm a ways behind the vast majority of all of you in terms of quantity)

Mario Kart 7: 8/10

Racing, as you expect. Level design is colorful and looks very nice in 3D. Fair selection of characters, not too many like the previous Wii version, but enough to feel like a full roster. Only two complaints, unlocking new carts (or in this case pieces to new carts) is random, you never receive the pieces in the same order. Also the balloon battles have had a fixed time limit included and feel very rushed as apposed to having some sort of strategy. (Also no color selection for ShyGuy, why no purple shyguy outside of multiplayer!)

Kingdom Hearts 3D: 6/10

First kingdom hearts game in a VERY long time to continue the story line past that of Kingdom Hearts 2, so that alone is a plus. The combat is solid considering the lack of a 2nd circle pad (the Circle Pad Pro is a compatible option however). Level design is OK, but the added flow motion system takes away any challenge to jumping around the levels because of your ability to effortless scale walls. Also scattered throughout are various objects you interact with using the touch screen for the use of dealing combat damage, but after a point you've become powerful enough that they really don't do as much damage as the time it takes to use them. You can play as two characters, but the drop system switches you between them at given time intervals which can cause you to restart some sequences, such as boss fights, if you "dropped" during one of them. Another complaint is the party members, instead of traiditional "characters" you are assisted by Dream Eaters which are essentially pallate swaps of the enemies (whom are also called Dream Eaters). Overall a 6/10, but 7/10 if you're a fan of the franchise. Very similar to Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for PSP but not as user friendly.

Pokemon Y (and X): 9/10
What's there to say, it's pokemon! Best gameplay and world design in recent years for the franchise. However, the game is very easy in regard to progression (NPCs will literally give you items and step by step directions as to what you need to do next) and the Pokemon model design isn't my favorite, a bit of a watercolor style so some colors look a bit lighter and faded than their former sprites. Very solid game overall and a must own not only for pokemon fans but for 3DS fans in general.

Zelda Link Between Worlds: 9/10

VERY suprised on this one, very very good. the 3D is absolute top notch (some of the best I've seen on the 3DS) and the fps remain constant. You may play through the dungeons in any (more or less) order you want so you don't have to follow the typical zelda formula. Only minor complaint is that the puzzles are a bit obvious compared to previous titles. Only once did I find myself inside a dungeon with absolute no clue how to progress.

Super Mario 3D Land: 7/10
The game looks and sounds terrific! However, the level designs are a bit repetitive and you'll begin noticing one level looking strikingly similar to a previous one after a while into the game. Also Mario seems to move very slow, you will never, ever, not use the run button after you discover it's use (and even then he doesn't run as fast as in his other 3D games). The powerups are ok but there isn't a huge variety. Considering it follows the traditional mario health formula I find that the the leaf was the most effective as it would increase your ability jump and land precisely and overall increase your rate of survival vs the others which would allow you to attack and kill the enemies. Big complaint is the music, it sounds amazing but it seems to me that it's always the same two or three tracks playing, one assigned to each level, with not as much variety as I'd like. Also minor complaint, the "overworld" is nothing more than a glorified list of the levels, was really wishing for playable overworld to jump around and explore for absolutely no reason.

Moon Chronicles (E-Shop exclusive download game) 6/10

If only it was a metroid game, very fun FPS. VERY short, easily can be completed in under an hour (more content coming at a later date, each additional episode to cost $1.99) but fun none the less. Not a huge variety of enemies either, but there are a number of bosses which are fun. The Visuals are very nice and you have a full 60 fps w/ or w/o the 3D on (which is also very good, probably the 2nd if not tied for the best i've seen on the 3DS). Interesting tidbit, the 3DS XL's scanlines (which are very noticeable for the vast majority of the time) add to the visuals of the game to an extend. Likely just my observation but nice to see the scanlines add to the experience instead of taking away. Also the controls are not bad for a FPS (strongly recommend using the stylus for aiming) on the 3DS, but I find it just about perfect on the 3DS XL's screen and I imagine I would have a tiny bit more trouble aiming precisely on the regular version's smaller screen. Overall not bad but far too short right now. Will consider rating it higher when the rest of the content is released (in total the entire game + all the extra content will sell for $14.99)
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