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Official Thread Guidelines
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Default Official Thread Guidelines

Things you should include:
  1. General Information
    • Release Date, Genre, Platform, Rating, Price, # of Players
  2. Gameplay
    • Overview of gameplay or any interesting features or mechanics
  3. Media
    • Box Arts, Screen Shots, and Videos
  4. Reviews/Impressions
  5. Additional Information
    • Special Promotions, Special Editions, Useful links

Some things you may include:
  1. Story
    • Brief overview of the story and/or characters. Don't go overboard or include spoilers. Provide about as much detail as an instruction manual would.
  2. Roster
    • For some genres, such as fighters, you may want to include a roster with movesets.
  3. FAQ
    • You may want to have a section devoted to hints or answers to commonly asked questions.

Tips for making OTs:
  1. Make sure you get permission from a staff member before making an OT.
  2. You don't have to follow the order exactly, but make sure you have all the information under the "Things you should include" section.
  3. Keep your OT updated. Any member that fails to update his OT will have it taken away and they will not be allowed to make OTs for any other games.
  4. Don't make the post too big. Think of the OT as more of an instruction booklet, not a strategy guide. Don't make your OT an infodump.
  5. Be aware of the 25,000 character and 10 image limits. The mods can help you reserve multiple posts, if needed.
  6. To stay under the image limit, try combining several screen shots into one image.
  7. Use the [spoiler] [/spoiler], [quote] [/quote], and [code] [/code] tags to help organize your posts.
  8. Refer to some examples here and here
  9. Avoid spoilers. Don't include anything that may be considered a spoiler.
  10. Be Creative!

How to request/reserve an OT:
  1. Choose your game of interest.
  2. Search to make sure an OT doesn't already exist.
  3. Make a draft of your OT.
    • You must have all the items listed in Things you should include in your draft.
    • Your draft must be the final version.
  4. PM your draft to a staff member.
  5. Once the staff reviews the draft, you will receive a PM notifying you that you can post the OT.

Special notes on OTs:
  • OT's will not go up until 3 weeks prior to the release of the game in whatever region you choose. For example, if you want to put up your OT before the North American release date in order to have localized information, you may do so. Conversely, you may choose to post your OT before the Japanese release date. Either way, this new rule should give you plenty of time to gather all the information needed to make your OT as detailed as possible.
  • Discussion threads are different from OTs. Discussion threads will be used to discuss the game until the OT goes up. There is no required information needed in a discussion thread. The person who is making a game's OT cannot make the discussion thread.

Draft PMs should go to:

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