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Default FAQ

I'm not sure if anyone will bother reading this but never-the-less....

From now on, once a question is answered I'll post a copy of it here along with the quote(s) I think best answer the question, so that future members can use this thread as a quick reference.


Nintendo of America phone number: 1-800-255-3700

I am not sure how to get a repair under warranty instead of paying for it...
In the USA, you get a 1-year warranty when you immediately buy a 3DS. Don't go by what the website states. Set up the repair over the phone with a customer service rep and go from there.
Also, I would like to know if I keep my Ambassador status when I get my 3ds replaced?
If you do get your 3DS replaced they transfer everything. I asked the Nintendo Representative if I got a new system would I still be an Ambassador and she said that everything, even eShop data, is transferred so I'd still be an Ambassador
How exactly do you send in it for repairs?
Call Nintendo, tell them about you problem they give you shipping label and you print it out.
Do they charge?
Nope, it's all free after you get all the stuff you need to ship just take it to a FedEx location and drop it off.
What do I need to ship it with?
A box, Shipping Tape(to tape the label on the box), Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts (So it doesn't move)
How do you tell them what's the problem?
After you call Nintendo about your problem they email you and tell you to include a paper in a envelope including Your name, telephone #, Repair Order Number, A brief description of your problem etc.
How can I track my order?
Originally Posted by 3dsdude24 View Post
When you take your package to fedex they Deliver it to Minilec(A Official Repair Company for Nintendo) in California. Minilec delivers it back via UPS.
Also when you can track you 3DS here at:| Order Inquiry - Nintendo |
Just enter your Zip Code and Order #.
What if my 3DS needs to be replace completely? Will I lose all of my data?
Originally Posted by 3dsdude24 View Post
They will also maybe give you a brand new 3DS system with all your old 3DS data entered to the new sytem.

Why won't my 3DS connect to the public Wi-Fi?
Do you have a McDonald's nearby? Many provide Wi-Fi, and I believe you don't have to go to a web page in order to connect.

Once you do get the update/browser installed, the method for connecting is not altogether obvious:
Set up an entry for the network. The connection test will fail.
Open the browser. You may have to do a google search or reload the page to get the agreement.
Accept the agreement.
Now you should be able to access the internet normally, in games, spotpass, whatever.
Why won't the 3DS connect to my wireless router?
Originally Posted by Boba2007 View Post
Look here: | Nintendo 3DS - Troubleshooting - Internet Connection and Online Features
It's most likely your router's settings don't work with the 3DS and you would have to change them.
Originally Posted by Scootaloo View Post
Did you possibly reset your router? Try reconnecting your 3DS to it, as if it's a new router and see what happens.
The bottom screen of the 3DS scratches the top screen. How do I fix this?
Originally Posted by Bearded Gent View Post
I actually ordered a set of 50 rubber feet. They're not 360 feet but just regular rubber feet. I cut them down to the size I wanted, placed a Hori screen protector on both screens, afixed the feet, and that was it. Screens don't touch and two perfectly installed protectors with no air bubbles or dust underneath. In short; order some rubber feet and some Hori screen protectors.

Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
As all 3ds owners i am very upset about scratch appearing on the top screen , so here's my solution to this problem
You will need
duct tape
1 ) rubber bumpers are glued on 2 sided duct tape , gently take them out with the needle ( be careful don't scratch the screen )
2) cut out few layers of duct tape and stick them to bumpers as shown on the picture then put them back in place .



I can't connect to the eshop, but I'm absolutely sure that there's nothing wrong with my internet connection. What's going on?
Originally Posted by Gamerfan View Post
Probably servers are crowded, or a temporarily bug. Don't worry, it'll work.
How do I delete apps that I've downloaded from the eshop?
Originally Posted by Sylph View Post
You go to System Settings, Data, Click either Extra data or Saved Games then click delete...
I'm downloading a lot of games from the eshop. Will I have spots on my home screen for them all?
Originally Posted by quirkster View Post
Don't forget that there are multiple home "screens"--just click that arrow on the right side of the screen. I have 60 spots (more than enough for me)--if you have fewer than that, then yours will probably expand when you need it.

How do I transfer a Mii from my Wii to my 3DS?
Try This:
1) Go to Mii Channel on Wii
2) Go to Mii Maker on 3DS
3) Click Send/Recieve from Mii Channel & Wii connect to DS
4) They should sync if not press in this order on Wii (A,B,1, press and hold 2 for three seconds)
But is there a way to send one from a 3DS to a Wii?
Originally Posted by Wartortle Triforce View Post
Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer a Mii from the 3DS to a Wii. It only goes from Wii to 3DS.
How do I get pass the dark room in Find Mii?
Originally Posted by Kinvara View Post
You'll need a White Mii to use White magic.

I've completed streetpass twice and I had to find a different white mii in order to light the room on the second play through.

You only need one white warrior each time you play through the game, so once you light the room it stays lit until you finish streetpass and start-over on another game.

How do I use the AR Viewer in Pokedex 3D?
Originally Posted by DualWeilding_Roxas View Post
The Ar Viewer is to Take pics of AR Markers found here. You can just register the AR Markers for a higher chance to get that pokemon or if you are using a marker of an already registered pokemon, it will display the pokemon wherever the AR Marker is placed. The apple is to make the pokemon use an attack or simply and action. Later on when you collect enough stickers for collecting AR markers and taking pics of the pokemon, you will get a music note sign that lets you hear the pokemon cry and a stop watch to make the pokemons pause their actions. You can also use other pics as templates to create pokemon battles and such.
Here is a Battle Themed AR randomizer.

Have fun taking pics of your pokemon!
Anybody know when Netflix will release 3D movies?
I don't know.


Is 2GB enough memory for my 3DS? What's the largest SD card my 3DS can use?
It can use SDHC cards up to 32 GB.

I used a 4 GB card I had for my camera then I got a 8 GB SDHC one because I found it at a great price.

Edit: 4 GB cards can be found for $10, that way you won't have to worry about copying data over if you don't have a SD/SDHC card reader on a PC at a later time if you decide you need more memory. I'd say purchase one with your 3DS so you won't have to do that later.
With a mini-SD card in the adapter, can I use it in the 3DS?

How do I transfer data from an old SD card to a new one?

Originally Posted by Geckoblitz View Post
To my knowledge, you can transfer data through the computer without using a transfer without losing data. Just create an empty folder, then insert the SD card and copy all the files (make sure you got them all) to the folder, then eject the SD card. Then, enter the new SD card and copy the folder into its memory. You can move instead copy the files and even not make a folder, but it's much safer to. I don't know to much about it, but I hope this helps Pixie.

EDIT: Had to recreate the thread because it glitched on me.

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If you have a friend, normally it says when they were last on. When it doesn't, what does that mean? That they deleted you?
No, it means they weren't online for 10 days or more.
Is it possible to record directly from the screen like you could with the wii?
The 3DS is region-locked but can I play regular DS games from another region on my 3DS?
Originally Posted by Someone View Post
Yes, I believe it's possible. The region lock only applies to 3DS games and DSi-enhanced software.
Why does the 3DS charging cradle have a piece that moves?
It allows you access to the cartridge slot and the stylus without having to pick up your 3DS.

I imagine it's for those who play their 3DS while it's in the cradle. (Not a crazy idea for stylus-only games.)
Is the red 3ds better than the black or blue one?
I hear something rattling inside my 3DS when I shake it. Is this normal?
It's normal. It's most likely the pedometer within the 3DS.
Is there a 3DS Capture Card that I can buy?

Is it possible to send a DSi game I downloaded to my 3DS to a DS lite?
EDIT 2: Split into two posts so it's easier for me to add new questions and answers.

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