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Event Time Conversion
Old 01-17-2011, 10:27 AM
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Cool Event Time Conversion

These are the time conversions of major time zones for you to appreciate and look out for on when the Nintendo 3DS Preview Event starts in Amsterdam and New York simultaneously.

New York: Jan 19, 9:00am
Amsterdam: Jan 19, 3:00pm
Tokyo: Jan 19, 11:00pm
Sydney: Jan 20, 1:00am
Singapore: Jan 19, 10:00pm
Dubai: Jan 19, 6:00pm
Cairo: Jan 19, 4:00pm
London: Jan 19, 2:00pm

Please plus rep if this helped you. Thanks.
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It just HAS to do it when I'm in school, doesn't it. >:/ I guess that'll mean all the info's out by the time I get home and onto the computer though. How long is the event supposed to be again?
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Glad my classes aren't till late
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thanks this helped a lot. I tried to convert it on the computer but it won't work
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YYEEEESSSS.i start school at 11:00 long is it?!?!!?!?!?
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dude i have school butttttttttt how long is it
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The Nintendo New York Event is, I think from 8:50 Am to 1 PM EST (that's GMT -5:00)

Oh, but check Nintendo 3DS Blog & News - Preorder Nintendo 3DS for info, it is a great site, and they cover everything.