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The Letter Game
Old 05-18-2012, 02:16 PM
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Default The Letter Game

Alight, I just came up with this idea and I apologize if it has already been played.

In The Letter Game, the object is to think of the name of a videogame that starts with the same letter as the last letter of the previously mentioned game.


Guy 1: Megaman !
Guy 2: New Super Mario Bros. !
Guy 3: Sonic !
Ect. Ect.

Only rule is you can not use the same game as the one previously mentioned. Even if it works

Guy 1: Super Mario Bros. !
Guy 2: Super Mario Bros. !
Guy 3: Super Mario Bros. !
Guy 4: Super Mario Bros. !

Yea we don't want that.

Also, if the name ends with a number, you use the last letter of the word that precedes the number.


Guy 1: Megaman Battle Network 2 !
Guy 2: Killzone 3 !
Guy 3: Elebits !

And so on.

Ima star us off with

Halo !