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Show off your Loadout!
Old 05-30-2012, 12:01 AM
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Default Show off your Loadout!

What Is Your Loadout for Open? I run my Mii with the Petey Piranha Costume, and a normal racket. Besides my Mii, I use Blue Yoshi or Luma for Solo.
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Is that really your get up? Or has it changed a bit? Cos I don't see any point/benefit from wearing the petey piranha costume.

Mine's dependent on my mood but online I'm always my Mii and either wearing:

1)Blooper racket/wrist bands, lakitu shoes, super star kit (tricky with a bit of speed)
2)Full super star apparel (power with a bit of speed)
3)Cloud Mario costume and racket. (tricky with a bit of power)

Solo depends on what I'm doing but usually yoshi for galaxy rally, baby peach for ring shot, ink anyone, super mario thing usually waluigi. And tournament whoever