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One Eighty Five
Old 06-14-2012, 07:26 PM
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One Eighty Five is the game of cheesy lines and bad puns, the game is actually pretty easy to master once your mind begins word associating quickly on on its own.

Every joke must follow this format somewhat: One hundred and eighty five (Object/Occupation/Person) walk into a bar, the bartender says sorry we don't serve (Object/Occupation/Person)'s here. So the(Object/Occupation/Person's) say (Cheesy Line).
EXAMPLE: Say the suggestion is Plumber!
One hundred and eighty five plumbers walk into a bar, the bartender sats sorry we don't serve plumbers here. So the plumbers say "PIPE down and give us a drink!"
Haha, and don't worry the object of the game is to make it extremely cheesy. Try to make everybody groan because your joke is THAT lame.

The format can also be slightly modified and still work.
EXAMPLE: The suggestion is Diamond!
One hundred eighty five diamonds walk into a bar, the bartender says sorry we don't serve diamonds here. The diamonds don't leave. The bartender says "Come on get out of here, I don't know how to make this anymore CLEAR to you."
That example was not exactly the format but it still had the same basic idea and setting so that is acceptable.
EXAMPLE of what is not acceptable: Knock knock? Whos there? Die? Die who? DIE MON! (Stabs).
That is how you don't play this game!

Every 5 jokes or so switch the object/occupation/people to something else or if nobody can think of anything you can switch it also.

Lets start off with: LAWYER
One hundred and eighty five lawyers walk into a bar, the bartender says "Sorry we don't serve lawyers here". The lawyers say "Oh don't worry we'll make it BRIEF"
(teehee briefcase)
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