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□ξυ EuroUnion MK7 Team
Old 09-10-2012, 05:18 PM
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Post □ξυ EuroUnion MK7 Team

Just a team I'm currently developing for european MK7 racers. Nothing too serious, just a group where you share Freind Codes, communicate and race WorldWide in groups against others. We are accepting any skill so don't worry if your not good. Although, talented players are welcome too.

  • Be active
  • No Drama
  • Race with □ξυ tag at the end of your name. (□ = Any symbol)
  • If you opt out the team, please tell me.
  • Have fun!
To join, you will need to add me (Mythix□ξυ) and Silver of course. PM me your Freind Code or post it here. Then communicate with me through the Status Message Board on the 3DS Freind List to show me you know how to use it for quick speech. And then you're in!

Me and Silver will host tourneys once we get around 8 members.

Leader: Mythix□ξυ (1075-1201-1716)
Elite Member: Silver□ξυ (2992-0392-8072) Not from these forums.
Members: "This is where YOU come in!"

Note to mods: The members sheet is updated every Saturday. Hopefully you will allow this. If not, tell me please.

Got any further questions about this, just ask.
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