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[Unanswered] Weird 3DS XL Problem
Old 09-25-2012, 11:48 AM
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Default Weird 3DS XL Problem

latley ive been playing alot of New Super Mario Bros. DS and when i pause the game and close the system (sleep mode) mairo says "buh-bye!" but then it keeps on repeating that and "it's me...mario!" i have to turn the volume down.
anyone knows about it?

p.s. didn't happen on the regular 3DS, or the ds lite back when i had it.
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Old 09-25-2012, 11:56 AM
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Sent it to Nintendo.
Most likely a problem.

Case closed.
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Old 09-29-2012, 11:33 PM
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the 3ds xl is probably going in and out of sleep mode, does any other game or app make any noise when the system is closed?
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Old 10-10-2012, 03:00 PM
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It could be a simple glitch with the game or with the actual 3DS XL system, but I recommend try putting another title in sleep mode on your 3DS XL and see if it enters and exits sleep mode continuously, or if that resolves the issue. If it persists, then just contact Nintendo.
Old 10-10-2012, 03:21 PM
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This is normal, it happens with other ds games with different sounds, nothing to worry about