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About Drugs...
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Default About Drugs...

Just to clarify....
Originally Posted by David
Avoid all discussions about drugs in general. This includes illegal drugs, legal drugs such as medicine and weed (which is now legal in some new places), alcohol and tobacco.
Sorry to all you drug addicts out there.
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Can we talk about natural hormones such as testosterone and estrogen?
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While we're discussing the drug rule, I'll give the same shout out here that I did to Bar last night.

You should really split it up into separate, more specific rules about what language is and isn't considered appropriate and what counts as censor bypassing, what drugs ARE allowed to be discussed, the limitations on porn/gore images and threatening other members. Clumping them all together the way they currently are is not only vague, but confusing. I'm pretty sure it's a leftover rule from the old list, and it shows based on how poorly written it is.

Hell, just copy/pasting that statement by David onto the rules helps.

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