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paper mario: sticker star tips and tricks (no spoilers)
Old 11-15-2012, 03:36 AM
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Default paper mario: sticker star tips and tricks (no spoilers)

this thread is for tips and tricks in paper mario: sticker star and no spoilers what so ever. post your very own tips and tricks if you know any. please try to refrain from telling what enemies lurk in worlds to keep from spoiling the expectation for others.

if you need help achieving 1,000 excellent attacks and 500 perfect bonuses then you can go to world 1-5 and buy as many fire flowers as possible and then head to world 3-1 and bump into enemies without doing a first strike and then spin the wheel and pay 15 coins to get 2 alike and stop the wheel. you only need to use 2 stickers per battle. select 2 fire flowers in one turn and you get 2-6 excellent performances and on top of that you get perfect bonus. good luck. make sure they're at least 3-5 enemies in the battle. i perfer 4-5 though.

when you finish off everything you should of achieved 50+ excellent attacks.