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Journey Review
Old 01-02-2013, 08:10 AM
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Default Journey Review

So I played through Journey recently and thought I would give my own review.

The gameplay is like WTF. There is not real shooting, and it's not as good as COD, close, but not up to the same standard. You can kind of sprint and stuff which is a good callback to the God Tier Call of Duty, but it's nothing major.

Graphics: Don't expect intense graphics, this isn't even Medal of Honor standards. (LOL Medal Of Honor). Your character doesn't even have tat's or a beard, wtf. As far as I can tell he is wearing a dress? What's up with that?

Story: Your trying to reach a terrorist organization located at the tip of a mountain. Pretty sure there is a nuclear facility up there, but who can say. Story is pretty weak overall. Definitely not gritty enough, I had to supplement my own F-bombs because of the lack thereof.

Multiplayer: I must be missing something, because despite all my efforts, I couldn't land a kill on the guy in my group. There is no voice chat even, so I can't cuss that fool out. Something's up here, hope it gets patched.

The experience: Well, I played this game naked, which is a first for me. It wasn't bad, but you know, could have been better. My jimmies were rustled slightly when my character was killed off in a heavy gunfight. Whatever though, what are you going to do.

Overall I loved it and can't wait to play the sequel. 10/10
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Im looking forward to this game
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One of those games I definitely want to try out.

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