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pixelmademe's journal
Old 01-03-2013, 07:44 AM
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Default pixelmademe's journal

The Unonamous Trader

I found the journal while imprisoned in the deepest depths of the Dark Tower's dungeons. Wandering in darkness amist masses of skeletons, cobb webs, and a horrible stench of decay I hopelessly looked for way out of this dreadful imprisonment I was in. Then I found it, the gate! I ran for it and tried frantically to open it, but couldn't. I looked around impatiently for anything that might help me solve this predicament I was in, but there was nothing! Finally given in to hopelessness I calmed and turned my attention to what would be a man sitting on the floor, it's back to the wall and that's when I found it. The old, dirty, and tattered leather bound book, locked in the arms of its long dead master. A treasure chest of leather with the ill fated man's journeys inprinted within its pages for it's treasure. A record of this world's strange and magical lands and the strange and magical creatures that inhabit them.

More to come.........

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