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Common things vita fanboys say to put down the 3ds
Old 02-23-2013, 07:31 PM
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Default Common things vita fanboys say to put down the 3ds

This is not a thread to side with anything or start a flame war, I am just shooting down ******ed excuses vita fanboys say to put down the 3ds

3DS is kiddy/it IS for kids= Haha are you kidding me? If nintendo made a system just for kids it would be like the leapster it would NOT be part of the main gaming market, and nintendo would not allow games like resident evil,castlevania,dead or alive, metal gear solid,driver and so on, this is a hypocritical excuse to put down the 3ds because vita fanboys play little big planet all the time.

3DS has terrible graphics= how? 3DS has better graphics than the psp by far and even surpasses the wii, the 3ds has good enough graphical power to have console quality games, if the ps2 could handle high end big budget games like god of war 2,metal gear solid 3 and shadow of the colossus then the 3ds can do it too EASILY,

3DS has only terrible games= you don't even get to talk, the 3ds has an amazing game library with soooooooooo many games coming out constantly that are quality fun exclusive titles, the vita library is very limited, while there are gems on the vita they are too few and far away to even say that it's library is even close to the greatness of 3DS's

name 20 great 3ds exclusives without mentioning a single game with the mario universe= castlevania mirrors of fate,dead or alive dimensions,kid icarus uprising, project x zone,fire emblem awakening, kingdom hearts DDD, monster hunter 4,heroes of ruin, shinobi, super monkey ball 3d, animal crossing new leaf,lego city undercover: the chase begins, naruto shippuden 3d,code of princess,shinobi,samurai warrior's chronicles,professor layton miracle mask,pilotwings resort,fantasy life,beyond labyrinth

Old 02-23-2013, 07:34 PM
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Closing this because the 3DS sux because it haz no games.

Seriously though, we don't need a thread like this.