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WiiU sounds problems
Old 05-30-2013, 12:42 PM
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Default WiiU sounds problems

im not too sure where to post about this so sorry if im in the wrong place

so i've had my WiiU since mid-march and it's been working fine.

but recently, by around april i've been having trouble with the sound.
only the secondary sounds or background sounds work
for example: during cut scenes of LegoCity:undercover it only plays the sound effects but not the characters voices.
and while playing zombiU its as if all the sounds are muffled and i can only hear after effect sounds or very feint sounds like the bullet hitting a wall or after the impact of the bat hitting a zombie

i tried using a different HDMI cable but to the same result.
my sound system seems to work fine with my xbox, dvd player, and other devices connected by hdmi or regular cables.

i think it began after an update, im not too sure though

i know it seems like a long time to look for a remedy to the problem, mostly because i've been too busy with school and other work to notice or have time to post about it

if anyone knows how to help fix this problem please reply
add me! my code is 2535 3836 8378 just msg me yours, my 3DS Username : Pancho , my xbox gamertag : the elitenight