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[Unanswered] 3DS Save State Transferring
Old 07-18-2013, 10:01 AM
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Default 3DS Save State Transferring

Hello, I've been wondering about something that seems that it could be a problem if I don't see to before it happens.

I'm wondering if I've downloaded Animal Crossing: New Leaf onto a SD Card and registered the game onto that console with the Friend Code, will I be able to transfer over the save state from my game in Animal Crossing to another 3DS while keeping or getting a new friend code without having to lose the save state I currently have.

I know that this is possible through a 3DS Transfer, but I'm planning on going to a Gamestop tomorrow to buy a 3DS XL since the small 3DS just doesn't fit my needs. Keep in mind that I am going to return the 3DS in given time and I won't be able to use the Transferring system of that Nintendo has provided unless the Gamestop employee is so kind of letting me do so.

I don't really care if I lose the option to re-download the game or having to get a new Friend Code, but I just don't want hours of time I put into the game to be gone when I buy a new 3DS that might not be compatible with the SD card's previous formatting (This might also be a problem with Monster Hunter), or not being able to play online with the old save state due to the fact that it might be still registered with the old FC I had.

If someone could please help me out and has any experience or is willing to test this out, please get back to me as soon as possible.