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Friends needed
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Default Friends needed

Anyone add me I need players that play every day or play every other day I have almost all fruit and I can give u cool Nintendo items or other stuf I don't want we can help each other with town projects and stuff
My friend code is 1332-8862-9864 post back ASAP if your in texas or in my time zone
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I play every day. My friend code is 4597-0176-3500. My name is Anthony, and I'm 28, from Arizona.
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Did u add me

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I added u add me back

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Guessing Animal Crossing, well, I don't have that game yet, but I do play on my 3DS every day, almost all day even, and with no natural sleeping rhythm I probably play during your wake times. So when I get it, I could probably play a lot.
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Threeve, want to play again tonight? I am online right now actually. I usually am online at this time every night. What happened last night? I lost all the items you gave me and everything you let me collect. Did the system crash or something? did you loose your connection? cause that really sucked!
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My gates are open right now

Soo sry about the other day

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Sry I re opened them
My bro hit the power button

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mine is 1650-1927-0423 remember war war never changes
(maxwell9011) friend code is(1650-1927-0423)
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Threeve, I added you. I am a hour ahead of you in time. I live in Indiana. (my family lives there in Tx so i'm pretty good with keeping the time there as well)

My FC is in my sig let me know if you add back

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KittenKoder I also added you
I added you too Maxwell
FC: 1349-5491-2391 Name: Sam. Send me a msg if you add me.

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