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Default Seattle Gathering

Not sure if such threads are allowed, but here goes, if it's not allowed then I will understand it vanishing.

I have .... no friends in my local area into gaming on the 3DS, yep, I admit it, I'm a lonely Nintendo geek. I get StreetPasses from several people here, some more than once even, so I was wondering if any 3DS players and fans in the Seattle area would like to make a regular coffee clutch thing, Starbucks being probably the most ideal location for one. Just to meet, hang out with our systems, talking games and playing games (of course). Lately my social life has gone completely digital and I have to make lame excuses to go out these days.

I will not set this kind of thing up without at least 4 other people interested, mostly because of the "safety in numbers" notion, decreases the chances of a kreeper having any opportunity for things which shall not be mentioned, since at least 80% of the population is decent.
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