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Mario Kart 7 question
Old 09-08-2013, 08:57 PM
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Default Mario Kart 7 question

Have just downloaded MK7 - does anybody know of any communities that are no-item, or mushroom only (my preferred playmodes) - that are actually busy? I've tried lots of codes from here and other sites, but so far have never seen anybody else in them.
Does anyone know any, or what time they get busy?

Also is there anyway to do a single player race with no items?

EDIT - I've seen a community that says it has 2 people playing.. when i try to join - i got to the spinning globe with just my Mii and the selection of messages - but no sign of other players - does that mean I'm waiting for the next race? Or just that I haven't joined them?

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i guess everybody's already playing Animal Crossing
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add my 3DS FC and join my MK7 community with no items my fc is in my profile and tell me your fc on my profile
and to answer your community thing when ur seeing 2 people playing if there not there they must be in a race or battle so just wait till there done
3DS FC 1289-8358-7241 Name Chris Add Me For MK7,LMDM,SF4 3D E,SSB,RE M 3D
NNID for Wii U Hughes26 add mii if you like on Wii U as we'll

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Originally Posted by dcv1979 View Post
i guess everybody's already playing Animal Crossing
LOL I guess the problem is that Nintendo is just remaking their games 1000 times and the original fans are either dying or starting families at this point