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Your opinion on... (warning: spoilers)
Old 10-23-2013, 03:10 PM
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Default Your opinion on... (warning: spoilers)

1. The story
2. The gymleaders and E4
3. Team Flare
4. Online features
5. The Kalos pokemon
6. Your score out of 10
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Originally Posted by Astra236 View Post
1. The story
2. The gymleaders and E4
3. Team Flare
4. Online features
5. The Kalos pokemon
6. Your score out of 10
1. Yeah i liked it
2. Easy, possibly could have done with like zelda, give us a second save file or something to replay at a higher difficulty
...Or to select a difficulty at the beginning? easy, normal or hard
3. Erm, generic bad guys i guess? idk anything special about them, their clothes and hair are pretty cool though
4. I like how we can battle or trade wherever we are, as long as we arent battling another pokemon in game
...and wonder trade, spamming out pokemon we dont need or want as a result of failed breeding
5. I dont think there were any that i really liked, pancham was cute, and that candy floss pokemon
...I like mega evolution though, mega absol and mega lucario probably my favourites so far
6. 8/10

More choices in clothing possibly?
Also, phil the photo guy, why cant we take photos that include our pokemon? That would be cool
I also like Pokemon Amie, building a connection with your pokemon so you are friends, rather than just using them to defeat the bad guys and become the champion
Music was good too, with sycamore's theme and the credits song probably being my favourites
the streetpass feature was kind of a let down... swapping PR videos? streetpass safaris or streetpass battles would have been better imo
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1) Not suprising but Lysandre's motives weren't stupid (looking at you Team Aqua, Magma, and Galactic).It actually got me into thinking. AZ's reunion with Floette was also great, though not suprising. I just guess BW/BW2's story just can't be beaten just,yet :/

2) Two to three Pokemon per gymleader was not enough. The order for them was also just too easy. EXP-Share made it even easier! Also, no Dark-type >_>. Rock was unnecessary. A better order would've been

Bug -> Grass -> Rock -> Ice -> Psychic/Fairy -> Electric -> Fighting -> Psychic/Fairy

3) Goofy grunts. Badass boss. No leader tried to destroy (intentionally) the world before...and almost succeded. Cyrus only summoded Palkia and Dialga but that's it. He wanted to recreate the world but let's be honest. His plan was doomed to fail. No one can rebuild the world. There was also no collateral damage. Giovanni is still just a bit underwhelming compared to the other teams. Sure, he was the head of the biggest underground marketing but that's it...

4) Excellent so far. Nothing to moan about, except you have to save everytime you want to wonder trade.

5) Except for some ugly ones and disappointing Spritzee evo, I really adore this gen. Some great designs unlike Gen1, which was the worst when it comes to that. Just look at Squirtle or Voltorb. Literally just a blue turtle and a ball. Klefki, Goomy, Tyrantrum and Trevenant are especially great designs in this gen.

6) 9/10. Favourite pokemon game of all time. Redeemed BW's incredibly ****ty and absolutely ****ed up attack animations. How could they fail after GenIV...
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1. It it good. I enjoyed most of it besides Team Flare.

2. Pathetic excuses of gym leaders and E4. I expect by now the E4 would at least have sense to cover their weaknesses. Ice as final gym? LOL Really?

3. Pretty much a joke. Obvious leader is obvious. If you're entire organization is getting whooped by kids, you're not as motivated for doomsday as you claim.

4. Nice range of them. O Power thing is handy. When Pokemon Transfer goes live, Wonder Trade is going to be something truly awesome.

5. I can't complain with them. Some are pretty creative and cool and for the most part, I like many of Gen 6's Pokemon.

6. 9/10 Enjoying this game a lot. Makes it easier to dive into and enjoy every aspect of it.
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1. It was a pretty good storyline, it's a shame that it didn't go longer, I suppose that's something you'd like to expect from games now and days, apart from replay value.

2. Bad. I believe that with the levels of the Pokemon that they had, due to the new EXP share, they should of added maybe another 2 Pokemon, to make it a little more interesting. The E4, too easy. I expected more from them as well and even after you beat them, their Pokemon still stay on the same level as they were, which has been in most previous Pokemon games.

3. I could tell from the start, that the leader was the guy you first met with Professer Sycamore, but the sad thing is, you don't know who Team Flare is until later in the game. Plus their Pokemon choice is of course the same typical crap.

4. I haven't used a lot of the Online feautues yet, but the Wonder Trade, is sort of fun to screw around in, that's about it really.

5. It's a bit of a shame that they only added like 70 new different Pokemon, I was actually expecting more than that, but you can't always have nice things, right? But anyway, I think majority of them are pretty cool, some are just plain stupid (Kelfki for example, just why keys??).

6. Mhmm, probably a 8/10, I'm enjoying this game, I just wish they added a little more to this game, I believe it had more potential.
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1. The story:
I t was a good story line,but it's a bit underwhelming after 5th gen.the story was just exquisitely detailed for a pok?mon game.And it ended a bit too bluntly.
2. The gymleaders and E4:
As characters,another time there are 5th gen leaders and their more extended roles faced to those generic leaders.types too much seen,no dark type gym,and too easy to beat.
3. Team Flare
Lacks originality,the other teams starting with magma/aqua where more linked to the motif.
I like the leader and the diference with other leaders as being a lawful evil and not a greedy villain or having a stupid reason,but i feel like it lacks more background.
4. Online features:
Excellent.the variety of features,the possibility to use it wherever you are,and the comodity it gives. Wonder trade is kinda fun,and bonding by trading with random people is a great thing,one of those that really makes the spirit of this game really.
5. The Kalos pokemon:
Good,albeit no great designs in general.but i think there are some more remarkable designs than gen 5,i yust love Tyrantrum,Gogoat,Goodra,and Delphox,for example. It's a shame there are just a little few...but well,there is the titanic work of making pokemon amie renderings with them all,so i won't make too much complains.
6. Your score out of 10:
8/10,it's enjoyable,addictive and precious,but there is a very little in postplay was a jump so big that little details were not taken into account.But well,maybe we'll be given a surprise in form of DLC or sequel...
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1. The story - The most forgettable yet.
2. The gymleaders and E4 - Some of the best, especially the Elite 4.
3. Team Flare - Horrible.
4. Online features - Near perfect.
5. The Kalos pokemon - Very few, but very strong choices. Already feels like I've known them forever.
6. Your score out of 10 - 9/10, very few complaints, and those are story complaints which dont matter post-game.
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Originally Posted by Astra236 View Post
1. The story
2. The gymleaders and E4
3. Team Flare
4. Online features
5. The Kalos pokemon
6. Your score out of 10
1. I really liked it. It seemed like a giant adventure, with less structure than Black. I loved the fact that it was a team of 5, and each character had there own personality. I also loved the little details, like when you are going to ride rhyhorn and they say you can feel just like your mum.

2. I found the gyms easy. I found most of E4 easy, but my Y team did falter in the flood chamber. The Champion was average.

3. Snazzy, but generic.

4. Incredible. Making it way easier to fill up the dex. The wonder trade is great. And the PokeMiles earned from the online activity are a really nice bonus.

5. I'm really happy with them. Vivillon is simply amazing. Klefki is fun, Helioptile is so cute, Klefki is fun. And while there are not many, the different patterns, colours and forms mean there is a lot to collect for completionists.

6. 10 out of 10.

I really believe this is a fabulous introduction for newcomers, and an awesome chapter for experienced players. It seems to be setting up the series for a long stay on this system. It's almost like a new beginning, and I think they really want to give everyone a chance to "catch them all".
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1. The story was... slightly disappointing for me. Why? It followed basically the same plot as any other Pokemon game

2. Gym leaders and elite four were way too easy (maybe I'm just getting too good?)

3. Team flare was back to just being evil, and I'm quite frankly glad. I didn't ask to fight PETA last gen (N was pretty awesome, though)

4. PSS was one of my favorite additions this gen, battling and trading on the spot? Sign me up! They managed to make battles interesting: while waiting for opponents to make their moves by displaying random facts about other trainers, and let us pick battle music, without a doubt, my favorite online features of any Pokemon game

5. Loved LOVED LOVED the new designs, the new designs were without a doubt waaaaay better than Sinnoh's and Unova's, (in fact, Gourgeist and Mega Gardevoir made my top ten list) and that more than made up for the fact that there were much fewer this gen

6. 9.9/10 I cannot complain about this game if I tried, it adds so much, and not only that gets it (mostly) right (Would love to see 3D battles get more FPS), Gamefreak made a crazy amount of content (fully animated 3d models for every pokemon/form/gender/megaevo. comes to mind), made a very nice region, Pokemon-Amie, hell, GF even managed to make my old favorites interesting again with, oh I don't know, maybe F***ING MEGA EVOLUTIONS: not only that, they made it almost bug free at launch, which in my opinion is FAN-TASTIC; the ONLY reason I'm giving these games a 9.9/10, and not a 11/10 (That's not a typo, I said 11/10) is because of a standard Pokemon story that I think they definitely could have improved on, and also just being too damn easy (The story is easy, anyway, but you'll likely be battling online most of the time anyway, so it's no huge deal, but for the hardcore, who want to enjoy the story, it is a letdown).

Gamefreak, don't stop what you are doing, but put a difficulty selector in the next game(s)
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Originally Posted by Astra236 View Post
1. The story
2. The gymleaders and E4
3. Team Flare
4. Online features
5. The Kalos pokemon
6. Your score out of 10
1. I don't expect much out of a story for a game like pokemon but I enjoyed it for what it was. It had some interesting aspects in it.

2. It varied. Some gym leaders got little to no characterization which was disappointing.

3. Team Flare was straight-up hilarious. Good stuff.

4. Online has been pretty good so far despite the servers being busy.

5. There aren't as many Kalos Pokemon (which is disappointing) but most of the designs are quite good so there's that. Quality over quantity any day.

6. I don't do scores.
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1. An obstacle between me and training a team.

2. Pathetically easy for the most part. I liked how the early gym leaders played a role in the story. Sadly this didn't apply for the majority of them.

3. Some of their dialogue was amusing. Theme was cool. I wish there had been more important characters on the team. It was pretty much just Lysandre and grunts/admins.

4. The new online features are a natural improvement for Pokemon now that it's on the 3DS. I love being able to trade, battle, etc. whenever I want.

5. A few stand out but the majority I will forget.

6. 8/10. Pokemon made a good transition to the 3DS. Despite my complaints I will still spend many hours playing it.
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1. I enjoyed the game's cinematics and getting around the Kalos region. One thing I was disappointed about was getting Xerneas. It didn't really seem right to me. It was also too easy to get imo. Maybe I was hoping to catch Xerneas in a beautiful forest with epic intensity and tension.

2. I really liked the gyms and some of the leaders. They had some awesome-looking puzzles. They may have been a bit easy, but I had fun. I do wish there was more of a challenge, though. As for the elite four, maybe I had sucky pokemon or it's just me, but they weren't as easy as I was hearing everyone tell me. I used quite a few revives and full restores. The fairy champ did a number on me as well. I liked the basic types they used.

3. I thought team flare was pretty funny. I liked their outfits a million times better than the first team plasma. They were kinda pushovers, but I had fun with them.

4. I still haven't used all of the online features, but so far it's been pretty great. The passerby system kinda makes me feel like im in an mmo (is this the single player mmo nintendo was talking about?). They did a good job with the PSS. Wonder trade and o powers are really cool. I also like that they improved the vs recorder.

5. I absolutely love most of the Kalos pokemon. I haven't been this excited about the designs since gen 3. It was really hard for me to choose what pokemon I wanted to beat the game with. I think there are so many cool designs. I mean, the were some ugly designs (I'm staring at you Diggersby) but most of the designs I liked.

6. A strong 9/10. 1 point missing because of the music. While I enjoyed most of the music and thought that there were a few amazing tracks, it kinda seemed unexciting. I'm not a fan of orchestrated music. I didn't like a lot of gen 5 music because it seemed too classical. I was also really disappointed in the surf theme. Surfing has always been one of my favorite things to do in pokemon and the song always excited me. This gen's surf thing is the most boring theme in the game. I would have preferred they did a more electronic score. I listened to all of the PR video songs and some of those would have been great town songs. I do like all the battle music, though.
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Originally Posted by Astra236 View Post
1. The story
2. The gymleaders and E4
3. Team Flare
4. Online features
5. The Kalos pokemon
6. Your score out of 10
1. This is hard. While I didn't like the story as much as b/w, it was good in a sense of atmosphere. I didn't really appreciate the rival characters, but such things as learning the background of the region of Kalos, AZ, Lysandre, etc. So while the story was give or take, I really liked the atmosphere.
2. The gym leaders and E4. Gym leaders, what can I say? Most were just there. I think (again) Black/White spoiled me, because you never learn about most of the gym leaders barring Korrina (Which makes her my favorite). The gym leader music was different but enjoyable. The gym rooms were also very unique. However, this elite 4 was one of the best ever. Such a diverse cast, I wish there was more background. Their rooms really represented how grandiose they are. The music was good as well.
3. Team Flare was hilarious, and their little quips and the continuities of the Team Flare members as well as the animations were good as well. As for motives, I really liked Lysandre, even if it was obvious who he was. His theme was a really good remix and probably my favorite battle theme of X/Y. The story around them was a bit mediocre, but the motive was pretty interesting. Their line up of Pokemon barring Lysandre was pathetic though.
4. Excellent, really emphasizes connectivity. Getting online, trading Pokemon, battles, etc are so much more convenient and easy.
5. Even though there is a small amount of them (Since we aren't counting mega evos) I feel it was a nice balance, as I love almost all the Kalos Pokemon. Their stats aren't too shabby either, focusing on defense mostly.
6. I don't do scores. However, this game, while not perfect, blows me away in its multiple aspects, from making breeding and ev training easier, to the soundtracks of the routes and towns, and Klefki! However, such things as a shaky framerate at times, lacking story in areas, lackluster postgame, prevent this from being perfect. However, those can all be corrected, so the next game (X^2 and Y^2) will definitely be better.
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