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Default Active players FC

I'm getting this game on Friday and I'd like to jump right off with active friends and towns to visit. So please post your information and as soon as I get mine, I'll reply here or inbox the people.

I'm not going to be asking for bells or anything. I just really want to see other towns and have people over to my town. I think AC is a great game when the multiplayer is being used.
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hey I still play a little bit of animal crossing not as much atm cause of pokemon but if u can add my little sister and my girlfriend and her sister and two ofd my brothers have animal crossing new leaf and still play it so if u add me you will get lots of friends since my little sister plays it all day everyday while she isn't at school and I know shes got friends and she will aswell help you out with anything even bells my fc is in my sig just PM me with your code sorry for the spelling mistakes I don't check my typing lol and sorry for writing so much
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