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Legendary Pokemon in XY
Old 10-29-2013, 05:56 PM
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Default Legendary Pokemon in XY

So I read that, depending on which starter you chose you will encounter either one of the legendary birds. But! I took Fennekin and Charmander and just saw a Zapdos... does that mean I will never see moltres and articuno?
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I also choose fennekin and i only see Zapdos when ever i encounter one
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i chose fennekin too and i only seen zapdos
you can probably trade for the others on GTS if you want one of the others
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Just wait 2 months to transfer your army of birds from past games.
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Might be true. I chose Froakie and I saw Moltress. My cousin picked Chespin and saw Articuno.
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You only get one Legendary Bird in the game and the one that appears depends on your starter.

Froakie = Moltres
Chespin = Articuno
Fennekin = Zapdos