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Haydn Shaw reviews Dual Destinies
Old 11-04-2013, 04:16 AM
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Default Haydn Shaw reviews Dual Destinies

I decided to post this thread under "The Studio" based on a search of similar threads, so I apologize if it's under the wrong section, it just feels relevant here.

I wrote a review a week ago, about the latest game in the Gyakuten Saiban series, which you can view here:

I want people to read it, and tell me what they think of it. I went at it for three days straight, and I'm hoping to get some feedback that I can work with. I appreciate any criticism, if it's the article is a bit long, or otherwise. It has to be constructive though, as I want to maintain my own format that other people can recognize as mine. I won't check this thread for replies, but I will be subscribed by email incase you want to voice yourselves here instead of using the comments section on the article. I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. Cheers.
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