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Hacked Pok?mon and Bad Eggs?
Old 11-04-2013, 06:52 AM
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Default Hacked Pok?mon and Bad Eggs?

I've been reading a lot about hacked pok?mon and bad eggs ruining the save file. I received an awesome Beldum. Lvl. 1, 3 Maxed up IVs and an awesome nature. It looks like a semi perfect breed, 31 IVs to Attack, Deffense and Speed. It seemed to good to be true: A semi perfect beldum through Wonder Trade... So I began research and found a lot of rumours about hacked pok?mon and Bad Eggs..

Apparentely there's a whole community trying to hack the game because they don't have the time to train... (but they have the time to dump and hack a game...) they've already dumped and leaked new pok?mon and stuff which I think you have already seen. At first it seemed like they were still unable of donwloading those hacked pok?mon to the game, but it looks like they found a weak spot in the Wonder Trade System... As far as I saw, it is possible to receive data via Wonder Trade, but not to send it.

Also, there is a note in Kotaku about hacked pok?mon that, when received, spawned Bad Eggs in Casius' PC which, as in past gens, can't be released and keeps spawning more Bad Eggs inside the computer until all the boxes are full of them.

Besides this, there are Mystery Eggs from Mystery Zone which are supposed to be received via Wonder Trade, too, those Eggs brake the save file, basically, and will never hatch.

I'm a very paranoid person and I've put over 200 hours into training my pok?mon and trying to complete the Pok?dex and anything that puts the fruits of my hardwork to risk scares the crap out of me; when the Lumiouse bug happened I literaly didn't shut my 3DS down until the update came out, and now knowing about this I don't know if I want to continue trading through Wonder trade...

I don't have any physical evidence of these (And I don't want to have them) rumours but if someone has encountered with this situations, please let me know so my paranoia could be justified. Thanks.
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There is nothing to worry about. Wonder Trade is safe.