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what can i do after beating the game?
Old 11-05-2013, 08:48 AM
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Default what can i do after beating the game?

hi, i have stopped playing pokemon after emarald (as i dont have any nintendo console after GBA )
but now, since i have 3ds (i must say this is a amazing console) , i m back to pokemon Y.

i would like to know what can i do after beating elite four and champion, does some rare pokemon appear only after beating champion? can i re-challenge gym leaders or E4?

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yeah, depending on your kalos starter you choose, you can catch
every time you encounter it, it flees battle and apparently when you chased it enough it will go to spirit's den for you to catch it

and you can battle E4 again, but their levels dont change so it will be easier with higher leveled pokemon

also you have a 3ds, which means that you can buy the ds pokemon games if you want to
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you can also go catch Mewtwo as its cave is open after you've beaten the elite 4 and you can visit a town that has the battle tower through a train stationed in Luminose city.

But seriously, there isn't much else to do in this game. I was expecting a couple of new areas after you beat the elite 4 like the Orange Islands, where you can find powerful pokemon and stuff...
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There's still some stuff to do, but it's not all that extensive.

You can go back and look for any items you may have missed, you can complete the Kalos region Pokedex (at least until you get to the newly revealed Legendary Pokemon), there's the Battle Maison, and there's also the Looker quests. This game centers more around online battling, so most of your time might be spent building your teams.
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