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[Unanswered] Questions about save files, game download, and a little more help please
Old 12-04-2013, 05:48 AM
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Default Questions about save files, game download, and a little more help please

Hello, I bought the Zelda 3DS XL edition and I need to return it because of money issues but I have some questions, please help?

1. Does anyone know if Walmart would take back my 3DS if the download game code has been already used?

2. I know downloads are attached to the system, but what if I format the system, and then download the same game (using the same code) on the same 3DS, would it work? I ask because my credit card and club nintendo information are store in the 3DS so I will format it, but if Walmart doesn't take the 3DS back then I'd like to download the digital game again but I don't know if after formatting the system it would be like a brand new system. I believe it should work?

3. Can I save the Zelda save file on PC then use it again later when I buy another 3DS? If yes, would I need the digital version to play that save file or the physical one would work too?

4. My brother bought Pokemon X and I was wondering if the save file is stored inside the card itself or inside the SD card. I ask because I checked and there is a Pokemon X file stored in the SD card and I don't want to delete it because IF it is the save file then I don't want to mess up my bro's game progress. Or maybe the save file is attached to the game cartridge as well as the system? I read something like that happened with Animal Crossing New Leaf. What a mess

Thank you!!!

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Old 12-07-2013, 01:56 PM
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1. I'm not sure what Walmart's return policy is, but as long as you haven't had it for too long I think you'll be okay.

2.Once games are downloaded, they're out of the code and into the system. You'd be better off doing a system transfer to the 3DS you want to use. This would transfer everything saved to the system memory and your eshop games.

3.No, you need to do a system transfer. You can't pick apart individual files that aren't pictures from the 3DS.

4.The save file is in the physical game that you bought, so the game card. What you saw is probably extra data used for spotpass. I don't have a pokemon game so someone else would have to check this for me.
Old 12-07-2013, 06:26 PM
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