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Looking for FC's for ACNL
Old 01-01-2014, 08:52 AM
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Smile Looking for FC's for ACNL

Hello I am a avid ACNL player I am looking for more 3ds FC's for ACNL, I play almost every day and would love to visit more towns and make more friends along the way my FC is 2363-5848-0341. Msg me on pro to add.
Old 01-01-2014, 02:59 PM
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I just got it. Just tell me if you add me. 1375-7983-9517
FC: 1375-7983-9517
Name: Karen Message me if you add me so I can add you.
Old 01-01-2014, 10:55 PM
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add me im a noob 0087 2608 1184 karen you can as well i adding both in a minute