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Looking for a Legit Jirachi
Old 03-22-2014, 01:28 PM
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Attempting to complete the national pok?dex and I only need Jirachi to have all 718 available. I have a few rare legendaries that I would be willing to trade including any one of the three shines given away in the past.

Shiny Dialga
Shiny Palkia
Shiny Giratina

I also have a shiny mew and a shiny mewtwo that I received through the GTS back when I was playing emerald so I am to assume they are genuine as the pok?bank app allowed me to transfer them from my White 2 cartridge. These are only a few of the characters I have in my possession however having almost completed the national dex I have a few others that may be of interest. If anyone has a spare LEGITIMATE Jirachi and is looking for a good trade, please pm me for any queries and we can exchange friend codes. Thanks for reading guys!

Added after 9 minutes:

I can also offer a Victini, Genesect, Manaphy, Ho-oh, Deoxys - All Legitimate.

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