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3DS XL Different LCD panels A Way to tell?
Old 04-07-2014, 03:08 AM
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Default 3DS XL Different LCD panels A Way to tell?

Hello, I have seen some info about this on the web and was wondering if anyone could clear something up for me. I bought a 3ds XL mario and luigi silver edition in the united states. I have noticed that the contrast is very different from my red launch day 3ds XL. The red 3ds XL has a warmer color with a slight yellow hue, where as my new silver 3ds is much cooler with a blue hue. I prefer the warmer yellow hue personally.

Is there any way to tell maybe by serial number on the box which units have which style of screens(lcd screens coming from different suppliers most likely)?

Or maybe the yellow hue ones are older models and nintendo now uses a different lcd manufacturer so maybe they are all going to be blue hue screens as of whats now releasing? a confirmation of this would be appreciated as well.

If your wondering my red 3ds has a scratch on the screen so i was wanting to replace it but I think i'd rather keep my old one now and return this new one as the difference in contrast is more bothersome than the scratch. Yes I have power save mode turned off on both units.

Here is a link to a post on another site showing what I"m talking about. Some people prefer the cooler image it's just preference so again if anyone knows a way to identify by serial number which batches have which style of lcd I'd really appreciate the info.

I can't post a link apparently because I'm new, Just type the following phrase in google and it will be the first result.

neogaf 3ds color screen