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Talking Meloetta

I'm looking for a Meloetta, it's the last pokemon I need for the pokedex (except diancie etc). I don't care if it's legit or not.
Got stuff like:
Shiny Darkrai (not legit, caught with safariball lol I dunno who I got this one from)
Manaphy (Legit)
Shymin (Legit)
Shiny Kyurem (Legit mabye, got it in a trade, it looks legit atleast)
Deoxys (Legit)
Mew (Dunno again, but it looks legit)
Shiny Genesect (Got it in trade so, yeah.)
Victini (Legit)
and some more, but nothing to fancy.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this are something, I'm new here. If I'm wrong in the wrong place please delete/move this thread

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Nvm I found one