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The 3DS has really broadened my gaming
Old 05-13-2014, 04:43 PM
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Smile The 3DS has really broadened my gaming

I've owned every nintendo system, home and portable, since the NES. (Well technically I never owned a wii myself, but when me and my fiancee moved in together in 2010 she had one, so it was late but I did have one)

I've always played a decent amount of video games, but not as much as probably 90% of you here.

I don't know what it is about the 3DS, but it has opened my eyes to a lot of franchises I was never too into in the past.

-A link to the past is the only zelda game I've played aside from OOT on 64(loved it)
-When Luigi's Mansion 2 was announced, I finally played through the GC one and then 2 on the 3DS(loved it, one of my favorites)
-New Leaf was the first AC game I actually purchased and had my own town, and it has the most hours out of all my games on it
-Triple Deluxe is the first Kirby game I've played through, I'm on the boss now(eh, it was alright...)
-And it's the first system I've actually gotten downloadable titles too (pushmo, m&dk, harmoknight...) Aside from one or two on my ps3, never really did that either.

Idk, just wanted to say how awesome the 3DS and it's games have been....
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