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Default Beamed

Beamed is a game I worked with a bunch of other people for a school project, in the same fashion as Grumpa - A Terminally Ill Adventure. That means we have worked for only 4 months on it.

Here's the trailer:
Here's some screenshots:
Here's the game:

The game is made for Windows only. Also, I highly suggest using an Xbox 360 controller to play the game, as it's been built with that in mind. Another thing is that the game is in French, but only the menus has any text anyway, the game remains unspoken at all.

Make sure you have in mind that you will find bugs in the game. It's been made in a short time, and most coders were noobs at UDK (including myself).

Let me explain how the game is played.


Now, let's talk about the game controls.


Now, a bit of developer background in this project.


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This game looks so damn enjoyable I'll be sure to give it a try especially after the joy Grumpa brought me.

Keep up the great work Gab!
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Glad to see peaple working on so hard on their passions
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Wow this game looks intense!