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Default Hello

Hi guys my name is Michael hailing from Britain, England to be accurate. I'm currently 22 years old and I'm chillin at the moment meeting new people and doing different things.

I not the best person for grammar and spell check but I will always try my best to make sure you can understand my writing. I treat people fairly regardless of race, sex, how awesome you or sweg.

The consoles I'm currently using are 3DS classic, PS VITA, PS3 and PC at the moment. Just actually brought my 3DS with Street Fighter 3D, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon X.

I hope to speak with you guys in the future and I will try to act civil as you would expect a person to.
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welcome to the forums
im also from england yay

those are some pretty fun games to start playing on your 3ds :3 what type of 3ds did you get?
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Welcome to the Forums Family. Hope you have fun here.
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Hey Michael, welcome!! I hope you're enjoying your 3DS!
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Hello Michael and welcome to 3ds forum!
Can't wait until SSB4 comes out