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[Unanswered] the youtube on my 3ds is broken!
Old 06-15-2014, 06:28 AM
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Default the youtube on my 3ds is broken!

Before this my youtube was working fine. one day i opened it again and it was just a bunch of codes. the links were broken no pics just a bunch of codes i dont understand. Please help me.
Old 06-15-2014, 10:31 PM
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my advice is delete it then download it again if that dont work just phone nintendo tech support where u r maybe they'll help u
Old 06-19-2014, 08:09 PM
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^ click on that
on any device other than the 3ds.
the 3ds app is broken beyond repair.
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Old 06-21-2014, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by kipd View Post
my advice is delete it then download it again if that dont work just phone nintendo tech support where u r maybe they'll help u
i already tried doing that a couple of times but it doesnt work
Old 02-18-2015, 08:41 PM
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I have a unfortunate update. Youtube works, but no longer displays 3D Youtube videos in 3D.

When I downloaded the Youtube app for my NEW 3DS XL, the 3D function stopped working as far was 3D Youtube videos are concerned. Before the Youtube app was downloaded, I was fully enjoying watching 3D movie trailers with the Youtube app that came with my NEW 3DS XL and they looked great!

You might ask why I would I download the Youtube app when my New 3DS XL already had one. The answer is simple, to get to the Youtube app on the NEW 3DS without having to go deep into the menu system to launch the Youtube app that came with the NEW 3DS. With the downloading of the free Youtube app, the icon for Youtube is now easily accessible on the home menu. Much easier to reach and launch.

Of course, I had no idea downloading the Youtube app would break the functionality of the stereoscopic display of 3D Youtube videos. I suspect once the download for the Youtube app updated in the NEW 3DS system, the 3D function was set back to an older version of the Youtube app (that did not stereoscopically display 3D videos) making my NEW 3DS not capable of displaying 3D videos anymore.

I contacted Nintendo about this and all they did was take the information down and I was told there would be no follow up. Maybe someday there will be an update to the Youtube app, but till then my NEW 3DS XL will not display 3D Youtube videos stereoscopically.

There are two things I can add to this.

1. So far, no one at Nintendo was able to suggest anything such as reformatting my memory card. Or if in fact if formatting the card would make any difference or not.

2. I could not get an answer if there is internal memory within the 3DS itself (other than of course the memory card that pulls out.)

3. If there was a way or not to get the system back to it's original state.
Of course, this situation makes me want to swap my NEW 3DS XL for another NEW 3DS XL. I could very easily reformat my micro SD card and start all over again if that would help, but I'm not getting an answer about that from Nintendo. I do understand the unit comes with a one year warranty, though I do not know if the warranty covers software screw-ups.
The only thing I can add to this conversation is when I select a 3D Youtube video to watch, I don't even get video. I only get a speaker symbol with only the audio working. Of course that leads me to another couple questions.

1. Am I getting that symbol because of a feature I accidently selected? If so, maybe deselecting something will get the 3D feature working again for 3D Youtube videos.

2. If the internet signal is weak, would that cause the Youtube app to only play back audio without video?
Other than the issues with the Youtube app, the 3D effect works fine in the games.

Update; I looked at the release date of the Youtube app from the Nintendo e-shop, Nov 2013.

Update 2: Last night I deleted the Youtube app I downloaded yesterday so I hope maybe that will take care of the problem. However I won't have a chance to test it out till I get a chance to get to a local hot spot to test it out. That will be later today and of course, I'll write back onto this forum how it went.
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