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Super Secret Base Gym types
Old 07-20-2014, 11:40 PM
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Default Super Secret Base Gym types

So in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you will have the ability to design your own gym. It's not yet know to what extent you can customize things, but we can generally guess what we may be able to do.

So assuming you can decide what kind of pokemon you can have in your gym, what kind of gym would you have? Also, which area will you want to make your base?

For me, the type of pokemon I will use in my gym will be water types. I will most likely make my secret base inside of a bush.

Possible leader pokemon:
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Steel or Bug type to accommodate my favorite Pokemon. I always liked the tree bases.
Old 07-20-2014, 11:51 PM
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Mix between fighting water, or dark, for me. When I had Ruby, I always loved to use the tree base south of Mauville City under the bicycle path. It required the least amount of effort to get to after using Fly.
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Through the second exit in Rusturf Tunnel there is a secluded area with two caves you can turn into bases. It's the ideal spot for a secret base and the top most cave is always the one I go with.

Though it pains me to leave the battling to the AI, I'll probably go with a psychic team.
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Old 07-21-2014, 03:41 AM
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In all honesty, considering I have no control over how the AI battles, I'd probably just make some sort of evil troll team that relies on luck-based moves like Double Team, Minimize, and Sheer Cold. I'll also have to consider what the most annoying abilities are to frustrate anyone who thinks they're gonna have a fun time.
Old 07-22-2014, 11:04 PM
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Steel types for me and if the tree base is still available where you find the kelpsy berries then i will choose there to make the base.
Old 08-21-2014, 01:37 AM
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Steel Types or Normal types.

My Steel gym would be:

Normal gym would be:
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idk what base i will choose, but i will probably go dark type
and at least an umbreon and an absol
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