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Your top 10 Pokemon
Old 08-06-2014, 12:57 AM
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Default Your top 10 Pokemon

Title says it all. What's your top 10 Pokemon from Gens 1-6?
Feel free to give little one sentence reasonings and stuff for your choices.
Your choices will be judged by the Poke Gods.

Anyways, my top 10, from lowest to highest.

10. Crobat - I remember when I thought it couldn't get cooler than Golbat, then I was proven wrong thankfully.
9. Sylveon - It's a hard choice, but Sylveon is cute and viable imo, making it top eeveelution.
8. Druddigon - I actually like Druddigon over the other dragons simply because his appearance compliments itself so well. I want a pet version.
7. Gengar - Close choice between Haunter, but Gengar radiates the evil aura just a little better.
6. Mewtwo - Despite being weakened in the later anime series and stuff, Mewtwo is still pretty badass to me. I remember going hype mode when it was revealed he was a playable character in Smash Bros. Melee.
5. Lilligant - This little cute thing is a monster. This is the grass Pokemon you drop your grass starter for. (Just ask SapphireKirby)
4. Hawlucha - Okay this Pokemon took me and probably most of it's fans by surprise. Was not expecting anything like this but I can say that I am more than happy that it actually exists.
3. Charizard - Need I even say more? Also dat X Mega form.
2. Greninja - An origami ninja frog that uses water shurikens. #teamfroakie
1. Volcarona - The only Pokemon ever that I instantly fell in love with. I mean it's a freaking fire moth. Not only is it badass in both name and looks, but also in competitive play. Godzilla status Pokemon right here yall.
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Old 08-06-2014, 01:12 AM
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10. Haxorus - From its name to its appearance to its attack stat, everything about this guy is intimidating!
9. Meowth - I've always liked Meowth, specifically based off of the anime incarnation. I'm not sure why a cat would speak like that, but it's great!
8. Krokorok - I mean, his line isn't really anything special, but... just look at him! So cool! Squirtle wishes he had built in shades like this guy!
7. Greninja - Honestly, I wasn't really sold on the Froakie line until I saw this rad ninja. I mean, he's frog Strider!
6. Aegislash - I know I'm not very original in taking a liking to him, but... he's so hard not to like! He's a cool sword who's also super great!
5. Scrafty - I actually h-a-t-e-d Scrafty at first, but he's really grown on me. That mohawk! Those baggy pants! A Pokemon who makes a statement!
4. Blaziken - Fighting types are inherently cool. Stick "kung-fu" in front of anything and it's instantly awesome. Kung-fu anubis, kung-fu monkey... and the best of all, kung-fu chicken!
3. Hawlucha - But you know what's better than kung-fu? LLLLUCHAAAAAAAAAAAA
2. Dunsparce - A close second to his buddy, Stunfisk! Look at those cute little wings!
1. Stunfisk - Cute and versatile. Everyone loves him!

My top 4 or so are pretty consistent but the rest are pretty interchangeable and shift around depending on my mood~
Old 08-06-2014, 01:17 AM
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1. Breloom
2. Whimsicott
3. Ivysaur
4. Feraligatr
5. Jolteon
6. Arcanine
7. Azumarill
8. Dragonite
9. Tyranitar
10. Krookodile
Sorry for sticking a little close to the original generations

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Old 08-06-2014, 01:19 AM
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1. snorlax
2. snorlax
3. snorlax
4. snorlax
5. snorlax
6. snorlax
7. snorlax
8. snorlax
9. snorlax
10. snorlax
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Old 08-06-2014, 01:49 AM
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10. Empoleon. I have a thing for penguins, so empoleon easily managed to slide its way into my heart.
9. Arbok. My wife and I are both very much into pok?mon, we loved Team Rocket back in the day and still do. The whole original team is actually a quite important memory for us. She traded me an Arbok named Ashram back in 2005. I've kept it all this time, though it never battles.
8. Meowth. I love cats, a lot, and meowth is adorable and funny. Also see above.
7. Skitty. See above, but more on the adorable side.
6. Gengar. It's gengar.
5. Gallade. My love for the ralts line is well known, it stands to reason gallade would make it high on the list.
4. Delphox. Despite being next to useless in battle, delphox is a mage archetype and psychic/fire. It's the pokemon I would choose to represent myself. The irony.
3. Gyarados. Gyarados was my original favourite pok?mon, it looked really cool and tough and I loved the thought of taking it into battle. I like red gyarados most of all.
2. Espeon. I really adore Espeon. It's both cute and cool, and it's my favourite type. The thing is three feet tall but I'd really like one house cat sized.
1. Gardevoir. Because reasons.
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Old 08-06-2014, 02:00 AM
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in no particular order, here are my favs:
10. Greninja. A badass looking frog using a tongue as a scarf dat leaves a ****ing impression whereever he goes. And protean is one of the best abilities in the game. Badass design wise, and viable for competition.
9.Charizard. A clich? I know, but he is badass looking, fierce, intimidating and cmon, he's a fire pokemon. BURN BABY BURN!!!! Also, dat mega X form, nuff said. (i may post a drawing of it in the near future.) XD
8. Scrafty: Nothing says gangsta looking thuggish pokemon like scrafty and I adore the **** out of him for dat.
7. Sceptile. Design wise, it's simple and it works. I love it. Plus dat attitude using a twig just won me over in the anime. Definitely badass.
6. Blaziken. A chicken that grills itself for an infinite supply of KFC (I'm black).
Ofc it's one of my favs LOL. Srsly tho, design wise, I love it + extremely good pokemon overall.
5. Absol Has that mysterious eerie feel about it that I love about it. And I absolutely adore his mega form, design wise.
4. Lucario Bad ass jackal looking pokemon with a good movepool to boot. And dat mega form oozes badassery.
3. Volcarona The terror of the sun. Jesus, dat pokemon is good in battle, kicks ass, and the design makes it somewhat majestic and intimidating.
2. Zoroark: Screams awesomeness. And. I love it's inspiration of a kitsune dat plays tricks on others.
1. Espeon Of all the 721 pokemon existing, this here is my fav. Has a certain charm dat makes me love it and I'd love to keep one as a pet. And magic bounce is just too good LOL.

Honorable mentions: (because I love to rant)

Someone needs to do a top 10 of the worst pokemon. Dat **** will make ppl laugh
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Starting from most favorite to least, ignoring competitive viability:

1. Glaceon - (longest explanation)Before generation 4, my favorite pokemon had to be Flygon or Sceptile. I didn't like Sinnoh very much until I discovered one pokemon. Glaceon was a huge treat for me. I love its design, my favorite color is blue, and its cry soothes my heart. If I could have any pokemon as a small pet, it would be Glaceon.

2. Sceptile - I love this thing's entire evolutionary designs. Its previous form reminded me of a grass assassin and Sceptile is just an extremely cool pokemon and my favorite starter.

3. Flygon - Love the design so much and it just fits with my personality.

4. Vaporeon - It's cute and water is my favorite element/type. It's my 2nd favorite eeveelution.

5. Gallade - Gallade is awesome. Now about that oval abdomen part of his design...

6. Greninja - I love ninjas, I want to be a ninja more than anything, and Greninja is my favorite element AND a ninja. Would be higher, but I need to grow with it more. I also don't like Froakie's design.

7. Chesnaught - Love the design, reminds me of studio ghibli movies.

8. Kyogre - My favorite legendary

9. Feraligatr - Not a huge fan of the design, but it always holds a special place in my heart being the first pokemon I ever had. Gold was my first pkmn game and I chose Totodile.

10. Arcanine - This was a tough one. It was between Pangoro, Arcanine, and Latios. I love each of their designs and they'll all make an appearance in my pokemon comics. Arcanine is so fluffy and awesome. If Glaceon didn't exist, I'd want him as a real life pet just to ride.
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Old 08-06-2014, 02:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Hydro jin View Post
5. Gallade - Gallade is awesome. Now about that oval abdomen part of his design...
Donut butt.
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Old 08-06-2014, 04:16 AM
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1. Scizor - Bet you didn't see that one coming. Simple yet badass design and extremely useful competitively. 10/10 would use on every team.

2. Ferrothorn - Groans incoming. Not as good this gen since he lost Dark and Ghost resistance but still a great wall and hazard setter.

3. Sceptile - My favorite final evolution of a starter, although I used to prefer Grovyle's design back in the day.

4. Galvantula - Love the design and I appreciated his underdog status in 5th gen. It's not as effective these days but back then I'd lead with him and fire off Thunders until he died. Almost always took out the opponent's lead and usually dealt high damage to their second Pokemon.

5. Garchomp - I think it was Cynthia that made me want a Garchomp. Dangerous off the bat and downright deadly after a Swords Dance. He's the reason people carried Ice Beam in 4th gen.

6. Toxicroak - Greninja is overrated. Toxi is the OG fighting frog, with a cool typing and diverse movepool.

7. Yanmega - He sucks competitively but I like his design. Also has the best cry of all Pokemon.

8. Crobat - You have to give him credit for evolving from the abomination known as Golbat. Gotta love those choice banded U-turns.

9. Snivy - I almost didn't let him evolve in BW. There aren't many designs that immediately convey a Pokemon's personality but Snivy is one of them. He's smug and arrogant and I love it.

10. Giratina - Origin forme, to be specific. The altered forme is awful.
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I'll play, though in no particular order
  1. Clefairy: Best Pokemon
  2. Azumarill: Best Pokemon
  3. Whimsicott: Best Pokemon
  4. Reuniclus: Best pokemon
  5. Cradily: Best fossil Pokemon
  6. Breloom: Best Pokemon
  7. Raichu: Better than Pikachu; also best Pokemon
  8. Gengar: Best Ghost Pokemon
  9. Dragonite: Best Dragon Pokemon
  10. Swadloon: Best Pokemon B<
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This post kind a makes me feel old since all my pokemon are 1st gen Pok?mon.
Then again, maybe I am old. i'm turning 30 tomorrow o_O'

In no particular order:
1. Pikachu-Raichu : Favourite Electric type. Yellow starter Pok?mon.
2. Pidgey-Pidgeotto-Pidgeot : Powerfull pok?mon that are easely caught. I used to catch a lot and keep the one with the best stats.
3. Zubat-Golbat : Pretty usefull Pok?mon caught early in the game. Same as Pidgey, catch a lot, keep the best.
4. Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam
5. Tentacool-Tentacruel : Easely caught early on in the game, keep the best. And the evolution looks badass. Adds a touch of poison to the team.
6. Geodude-Graveler-Golem : Also very easy to get. i keep the best I can find.
7. Ponyta-Rapidash : Am I a broney? No. Yet both of them are cooler than Charizard.
8. Ghastly-Haunter-Gengar : Because every team needs a good ghost.
9. Horsea-Seadra : I really like these water Pok?mon.
10. Lapras : Because Lapras.

These are my favourites because I have fought many battles with them. Basically all my teams have some of these in them.
Are there better, stronger Pok?mon? Sure there are. But I don't like to centerr my teamsaround rare or special Pok?mon.
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i dont think its in any particular order, ones nearer the end are more favourites, mostly because they look pretty cool

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