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Pokemon X Team
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Default Pokemon X Team

I'm at the secound gym and I'm beginning to get an idea of what my final team would look like, right now these are the pokemons I have and what they will evolve into. I know for sure that I'm going to put on my team...
- Charzard (Fire / Flying)
- Greninja (Dark / Water)
- Aegislash (Steel / Ghost)

I just need three more pokemons, can anyone give some advice?
These are the pokemons that I am CONSIDERING
- Meowstic (Psychic)
- Tyrantrum (Rock / Dragon)
- Farfetch'd (Normal / Flying)
- Lucario (Fighting / Steel)
- Metacross (Steel / Physic)
- Garchomp (Dragon / Ground)

Pokemons I don't have but I think might be useful to have on my final team...
- Gallade or Gardevoir
- Pikachu or Heliolisk
- Aggron
- Tyranitar

I don't have a Bulbasaur but if anyone wants to trade one, I have a Bagon or a butterfly that has a poke ball on its wings.

Suggestions for my times using the pokemons I listed? I'm open to new ideas as well.

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