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Nefarious (a game where you play the bad guy)
Old 08-22-2014, 02:50 AM
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Default Nefarious (a game where you play the bad guy)

That's right! Play the villain! Kidnap princesses! Outwit the good guys! Even turn the tables in a boss fight (whereas you're the big guy trying to thwart the little guy jumping around)! Nefarious, a new game coming for the Wii U, Windows, Mac, and Linux (and currently undergoing voting for Steam Greenlight)!

As you can see, the game is fully animated, almost akin to Wario Land: Shake It! or other such titles. You play as Crow, a man who prides himself in being a classic villain, as he kidnaps various princesses, each of which unintentionally assist him through various stages, and uses his skills and tricks, including his specially made "power glove", to both escape pursuing good guys and make it back to his lair. You can even interact with your minions back at Crow's Lair, though most of the management for them is handled by Crow's assistant, Becky.

What I found most notable about this, thought, is that Matthew Taranto, aka TriforceBun, the author and artist of Brawl in the Family is doing the music for the game (as well as another guy named David Levy who I'm not that familiar with)! He even wrote the main theme, which can be heard on BitF's site and on the Kickstarter page.

...Oh yeah, this is a Kickstarter. The game needs $50,000 to get funded, and it's almost a fifth of the way there. Of course, there are also stretch goals, including...

$60,000 - Musical Stage!
$70,000 - Additional Princess!
$80,000 - Hero Rush Mode!
$90,000 - Additional Princess!
$100,000 - New Game+
$110,000 - Additional Princess!
$120,000 - Minion Co-Op Mode!
$130,000 - Local Versus Mode!

For more information about the game, and to back it, visit the Kickstarter page here:

...Just so you know, I'm not tied with this game or the production team at all, I just think this is a really cool-looking game that deserves to get made (and NOT just because they're making it for the Wii U). Besides, I'm a bit tight on money at the moment so I can't really back it that much, so I want to try and support it however I can. Here's hoping this gets funded!
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Old 09-28-2014, 08:38 AM
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As much as I love the concept, I cannot stand kickstarter funded games.
Old 10-01-2014, 11:35 PM
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This looks like an awesome concept. I will definitely vote for it on Steam Greenlight.