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Five Nights at Freddy's
Old 08-25-2014, 02:37 AM
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Default Five Nights at Freddy's

Surprised there isn't a topic about this yet... If there is, please post a link to it and, if possible, lock this topic.

So picture this: there's this guy who applies for a job as a night watch for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You find out shortly after you start your job that the animatronic characters that entertain the kids during the day roam the halls at night... and if they see you, they'll think your a robotic endoskeleton missing the suit, and will force your body into one, killing you in the process. You'll have to lock yourself in your office should they come near, and keep checking the security cameras to keep tabs on their movements. Problem is, doing either will drain your power, and when your run out of power, Freddy himself comes to greet you... Think you can survive five nights at Freddy's?

...By the way, you don't need to point out why you would ever come back after the first night, since that's already BEEN pointed out dozens of times. I feel like, in certain aspects of the horror genre or by video game logic, you're allowed to bend logic a little. So yeah, I've seen a lot of comments on YouTube, from people complaining it's not scary, a crappy game, or that it's lame because all the popular YouTubers are playing it.

Really, I feel like it's a good use of limited resources. For one, even though the game appears to be 3D, it's running on a 2D engine, so all the 3D effects are pre-rendered. In addition, it does a good job and giving you a feeling of helplessness. Most horror games give you some means of self-defense (some give you so much they call it action horror, and some go over board so the horror aspect can be interchangeable with any given enemy type). Here, it's all about survival, and the only thing that can protect you is the doors, as well as the camera and lights that well tell you where the killers are. Because all three drain power, you have to reserve them for when you need them the most, necessitating that you keep a mindful eye on Freddy and his gang, while learning how they movie to avoid getting killed. The fact that the game has no music, and leaves you reliant on sound and what limited vision you can helps add to the frightening atmosphere. The game uses jump-scares, which most would call a cheap tactic in regards to making things scary, but the thing is, you don't know when or where one of the robotic mascots will show up (since some of them can apparently teleport). Since seeing one of them close to you means instant death and a Game Over, it's only natural to be fearful of them and be shocked when one of them pops up when you're least expecting it.

Really, even though I haven't played this game and only seen the Game Grumps (or rather, Arin/Egoraptor, Barry, and Suzy on Steam Train) and Markiplier play it, I applaud this game's efforts for doing good for the horror genre when it comes to video games. Sure it's a bit light on story, though there ARE some juicy nuggets of insight if you look deep enough, but it really succeeds in unnerving you in a way only a good horror game would, and NOT just because the mascots are creepy-looking in general.

It's definitely a lot better then Slender, THAT'S for sure.
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