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[Question] Destiny Digital Upgrade (PS3 to PS4)
Old 09-06-2014, 05:53 PM
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Default [Question] Destiny Digital Upgrade (PS3 to PS4)

Hello all. I'd like to know what you all make of this. I just recently stumbled upon this page,

Bungie states anybody who buys Destiny for PS3 or Xbox 360 before January 15 of next year, will receive a free digital version for PS4 or Xbox One respectively. Currently, I do not own a PS4 but the page clearly states you must

"Log into your PlayStation?4 using the same Sony Entertainment Network Account (PSN ID) used to buy/redeem the Destiny digital content on PlayStation?3."

So, should I not purchase a PS4 prior to the January 15 deadline, will I still be able to "purchase" the digital edition and have it saved to my PSN ID via a PS3 (or the PSN store website) and download it later should I purchase a PS4? I'm fairly certain you MUST have a PS4 at the time of receiving the free upgrade, but if not it would be nice to quickly complete the transaction before one could forget and miss out on the (potential) freebie.

Any opinions welcome =)
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Old 09-06-2014, 06:14 PM
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Seems pretty clear that the deal won't work without a PS4. You could try logging into your SEN account on someone else's PS4, if you have access to one. It might require you to be logged in on your primary PS4 but I doubt it.

Actually, I just read through the FAQ and it sounds like you only have to buy the PS3 version before January 15th. Then you have unlimited access to the PS4 version. The wording isn't really clear but that's how I interpret it. You might want to contact customer support.