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[Unanswered] How durable is the 3DS XL charging port?
Old 09-28-2014, 03:38 PM
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Default How durable is the 3DS XL charging port?

How strong are these ports? Are they made of something metallic like it requires a tool or something to break it? Because I just happened to only push it a little using only my finger nail and while I didn't see it budge, I'm a little paranoid that one simple finger nail could potentially break the port and I didn't hit with it either. Its just that I saw some dirt and I did that to get it off......Why I'm always worried like this? If there are atleast some parts you can tell me that will keep the port firm, that'll be really nice. oh and the finger nail of mine isn't big as I trimmed it and its only starting to grow a little.

Also I'd like to know if its even possible that by even slightly shaking the plug to pull it can also damage the port.....just to know.