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[Unanswered] Repair faq.
Old 10-01-2014, 04:12 AM
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Default Repair faq.

My system is fine and I want Nintendo to get it repaired only to fix the issues I have with it and I would like to know if they can do what I can request them like

1.Can they remove the hinge clicking sound instead of keeping it like that and do it like the 3DS? because I've seen some XL units without that clicking sound being there like Reggie's for example.

2. Can I request Nintendo to check if all the parts are functioning or not?

3.When Nintendo fixes the system, will they replace the game card slot? Why I'm asking this is that I get games mostly from Dubai and these games tend to have official Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Malaysia product sealed in them and the thing is the XL I have is US region and the games with this seal is US region too so if the game slot is being replaced, I'm worried if the games that I've got from Dubai will either work or not.

4.Since my XL is brand new and has not been damaged, can I get it fixed for free since its under warranty? What are the things I need to prove to Nintendo that my XL is under warranty?

Also my XL is limited edition so is it possible that they can't fix it and will instead replace it with another XL?

this isn't one of my paranoid threads. Its just questions in general......why even this is soo annoying to respond?

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