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Planning to buy a New 3DS XL (or LL)
Old 12-09-2014, 02:49 PM
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Exclamation Planning to buy a New 3DS XL (or LL)

Hey! I want to buy a New 3DS XL (as soon as it is available in south america u-u) but I want to trasfer everything from my first gen 3DS. I was wondering, what are all the steps I need to take? I actually have a lot of questions regarding the transfer:

1. I want to upgrade the MicroSD that comes with the New 3DS XL (for a 16gb model, sandisk probably), do I have to copy and paste all components (like when upgrading the old SD memory) into the new card? (via PC)

2. Once the MicroSD is upgraded, use the system transfer to transfer data from Old 1st gen 3DS ---> New 3DS XL; will this transfer all data? I mean:
- Ambassador certificate (and games too)
- Games
- Other stuff and data

3. Do the ambassador program GBA and NES games work properly in the New 3DS?

4. Finally, when performing the system transfer, is it possible to move the components from the Old 1st gen 3DS SD card to the New 3DS XL MicroSD via wireless? I read that it is possible (or maybe it was via wi-fi), and is it better than doing it manually via PC? (I don't have that much space occupied anyways, less than 2gigs)

Thanks in advance :3
Old 12-09-2014, 03:59 PM
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Yes to all your questions, except the first one. If you're upgrading before you transfer there's no need to copy anything.
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