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Problem Transferring DSiWare Games During A System Transfer
Old 12-27-2014, 08:36 PM
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Default Problem Transferring DSiWare Games During A System Transfer

I'm trying to transfer my DSiWare games from my old 3DS to my New 3DS XL - as it's to a microSD card I chose the option to transfer via a PC - so I dragged it from the previous SD card to the microSD card (formatted in FAT32). I'm at the part of the transfer where its trying to import the DSiWare games temporarily onto the system memory but when I select 'Move' it says 'No DSiWare data found' but the weird thing is, when I select 'Don't Move' it says 'Data for the following Nintendo DSiWare stored on the miscoSD card will be deleted if you end the transfer' and then lists all my games!! I've got no idea why it's only picking them up when I select 'Don't Move' instead of 'Move'. Any suggestions would be appreciated - Cheers.