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Talking Hello!

Hey, I'm Visionary, a.k.a a girl who loves animals, drawing/sketching/anything art related, listening to music and video games. I just recently got a 3DS, so I don't have many games..( I only have Pokemon-Omega Ruby ) but I like a variety of games - I might be getting the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Animal Crossing, and just different kinds of games. I tend to be kind of shy (depends on my mood - sometimes I like to make jokes and/or tell stories) but I'm hoping to just have fun and meet new people... soo..yep. I don't really know what else to type so here is a picture of a cat

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Welcome to the forums, Ace Attorney trilogy is amazing, I highly recommend getting it.
If you want to get a hold of me, add my steam (Alfnerd) or Discord (Hunter K#7103)!
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Welcome to the 3DS Forums Family! Hope ye have fun while ye is here!
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