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[Unanswered] Unique volume/sound problem
Old 01-13-2015, 01:30 AM
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Unhappy Unique volume/sound problem

Hi everyone,

My little brother's 3DS stopped giving out sound a while ago. I thought the speakers were dead until I took a picture and the shutter sound played at max volume. So, now I'm assuming the volume slider is dead and it was in the mute position when it died.

I'm just wondering if this happened to anyone else and was hoping you could tell me what's best to do. I'm out of warranty and the cost of paying Nintendo for repair is a little too high since a new one costs about twice the $.

I'm about to buy a volume slider replacement from eBay, genuine and "tested working", pulled out from another 3DS being sold for parts. Should I go ahead and do that? I already opened the 3DS up, checked all the cables and put it back together successfully without causing anything else to break.

Thanks in advance!
Old 01-13-2015, 02:44 AM
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Well, if you've already opened the 3DS up, I'd go ahead and get it.

Just be careful. You don't have much to lose at this point.