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New guy
Old 02-08-2015, 11:28 AM
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Talking New guy

Hi, I'm siliconlife. Nice to meet you all.

I'm an Aussie living in Southeast Asia, where it's been pretty hectic for the past 6 years with work and stuff, so I haven't had my hands on a Nintendo console since the Gamecube 10 years ago or so. I got the itch, so I figured the 3DS would be perfect for a travelling man like me, and picked one up a couple months ago. And it has been perfect, or so close to that i couldn't care less. Now I view my treasured 3DS as if it were pure happiness in hardware (and software) form.

My favourite games are Zelda and Pokemon, but it's difficult for me to think of a Nintendo game I don't love. Other than Nintendo, I enjoy Square Enix, Atlus, Natsume, and Konami games a lot too.

Not many people (as in probably none) own 3DSs in my impoverished little countryside town, so I rarely get streetpasses, or am able to play multiplayer, except when I go to Bangkok or KL or something. I'd like to make friends and have people to discuss my favourite new gaming machine with.

Hope my long introduction didn't bore you too much....
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Welcome! I love Atlus too.
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Welcome to the 3DS Forums Family! Hope ye have some clean fun while ye is here!
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