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Fastest system transfer method with preinstalled game?
Old 02-10-2015, 02:30 AM
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Question Fastest system transfer method with preinstalled game?

Hi everyone! I've preordered the New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition, and here in Europe it comes with Majora's Mask preinstalled! I have a 2DS and i'll have to do the system transfer, but i'm a little confused. I'm using a microSD with adapter on my 2DS right now, and i'm planning to do the PC transfer and just move the SD from my 2DS to the 3DS after the transfer. Now i'll try to explain my idea:

1. I take out the microSD from the New 3DS XL and backup the 3DS folder with Majora's Mask on my PC
2. I copy the backed up 3DS data to the SD card i've been using on my 2DS, so i don't have to download the game "Majora's Mask" from the eshop again
3. I do the PC system transfer stuff from the settings on my 2DS and new 3DS XL
4. I put the SD card into the New 3DS and hopefully there's all the games i had on my 2DS and majora's mask too, which i copied earlier from the backed up data on my pc

Is this process possible? Yeah you got it right, i don't have any patience, i want to start playing majora's mask right away after the system transfer has finished.
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Old 02-13-2015, 01:28 AM
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Looking through past backup data from my 3DS I'm not sure you'd be able to decode whatever system they have for storing apps on the SD card. There are lots of long streams of numbers, not regular filenames.
Old 02-13-2015, 01:25 PM
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Already finished everything. I had to download Majora's Mask again but it was pretty fast on the new 3DS XL. PC transfer is definitely the best transfer method. I had prepared the SD card by copying data the day before. After the system transfer i just had to put the microSD with the copied files into the 3DS, and it was all done. Thanks anyway ^_^