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SNES games on 3DS - let's get em with people power! [Petition]
Old 02-20-2015, 09:43 AM
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Talking SNES games on 3DS - let's get em with people power! [Petition]

Okay, so I've noticed unsurprisingly that I'm not the only one who wants SNES ports on the 3DS. VC or total remaster, I personally don't care so long as I can get 'em, but this is a petition to get them on VC. So far it has a dismal 13 signatures, 2 of which I procured myself... Either SNES games are not getting enough love (seems incredible to me, but hey, I'm a closet nerd who plays video games all day), or this petition's been overlooked. Either way, you all know you want Earthbound n all those oldschool goodies (I hope), so sign away. Whether or not it will make a difference? Well, it can't hurt and it takes about 30 seconds. Considering the fact that Nintendo seem to be prepping new remasters for their recently announced business makeover, I think now is the time to push this.

The petition

(PS I hope this is not old, I searched around the forums for half an hour and found a few petitions but not this one.)